SAD! Popular Yoruba Actor, Musiliu is dead

After struggling with a stroke for seven years, Musiliu Ajikanle, Yoruba movie veteran, sadly passed away, causing grief in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Nigerian filmmaker and actor Saliu Gbolagade shared the somber news on his Instagram page.

He wrote;

“Ina Lilah Waina Allah Rajiun God gave each of us the gift of life, and God gifted us with eternal life.

Musiliu Ajinkanle is dead (2)

Rest well my dear friend Musiliu Ajikanle Your footsteps can never be filled, nor your love ever forgotten.

May the blessings and peace of a good life lived follow you into heaven”

Ajikanle, the producer of the highly acclaimed movie “Mufiu Olosha Oko,” has been battling a stroke for the past seven years.

Musiliu Ajinkanle is dead (2)

When Nigerian Cleric, Pastor Gabriel Agbala, visited Musiliu Ajikanle at his residence in Ibadan, it marked a turning point in his life.

The Man of God took the initiative to start a fundraising campaign to support Musiliu’s medical treatment and well-being.

Unfortunately, despite the efforts, Musiliu Ajikanle passed away.

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Pastor Agbala is known for his philanthropic endeavors and unwavering dedication to assisting people in need, mostly Yoruba movie veterans like Iya Gbonkan, Suebebe, Pariolodo, others

The Cleric played a crucial role in assisting Pariolodo and Iya Gbonkan by raising millions of naira to help them complete their houses and purchase a new car.

Musiliu Ajinkanle is dead (1)

Also, Pastor Gabriel Agbala supported Actor Suebebe and the late Musiliu Ajikanle in raising funds for their medical and hospital bills during their illnesses.

Musiliu Ajinkanle is dead (1)

Yoruba movie celebrities like Fathia Balogun, Portable, and Sola Kosoko expressed their condolences in the comment section of the post that announced Musiliu’s death, wishing Musiliu eternal peace.

Musiliu Ajinkanle is dead (2)

Musiliu Ajinkanle is dead (1)

Fans drag Odunlade Adekola for abandoning actor Musiliu Ajikanle, who produced “Mufiu Olosha Oko” that made him famous

Few weeks ago, Odunlade Adekola, found himself facing a barrage of criticism from fans as accusations of him abandoning veteran actor Musiliu Ajikanle, who has been battling a stroke for the past seven years, surfaced on social media.

Ajikanle, the producer of the highly acclaimed movie “Mufiu Olosha Oko,” has been battling a stroke for the past seven years.

He currently living in a bad condition in Ibadan city of Oyo State.

Pastor Gabriel who is know for his act of kindness and compassion displayed visited Musiliu Ajikanle in his residence and took it upon himself to initiate a fundraising campaign to support Musiliu Ajikanle’s medical treatment and overall well-being.

Reacting to this, fans expressed their disappointment questioning why Odunlade Adekola had seemingly turned his back on the person who played such a pivotal role in his successful acting career.

See reactions below:

– Odunlade can’t even ask of him and he the one using this man more

– Swear, that was what i told my husband ????

– Can’t you see…I told my brother same…is he not one that supposed to be doing this…Using the poor man while active and agile,then dumped him when he mostly needed him????????????????

– Pls don’t say what you don’t have any knowledge about.. Odun and him always met on the job.. Most of the work is not odun adekola’s job.. Odun just has the privilege to be a lead role

– Odun and some other people might still be helping out in some areas but igbinyanju le ma to daada ni.

– Did this man said so that odun adekola never asked of him, pls don’t let us judge from afar of what we have no knowledge about.

– Pls don’t rush to conclusion,, if odun should bless him,,we don’t expect him to come on line to show case,,I believe they are getting in touch and doing d little dey can do,,olorun on I je ki a ri aisan