I’ve been looking for him – Mummy suddenly sees child crawling out from under car.

A mother, @nathashankosazana, has shared a video that captured the moment she was looking for her child and found him in an unexpected place.

The woman stated that she had been looking for him for one hour.

As she approached the house park, she suddenly saw the baby crawling out from under their car. The mother was so surprised.

Worried mum found kid under the car The kid gently came out without saying a word. After getting to a place he could sit down, he let out a funny laugh.

Many TikTokers who watched the video said that it is always important for parents to check under their vehicles before driving them out. Watch the video below:

As of the time of writing this report, the video has gathered over 800 comments and more than 12,000 likes.

SM compiled some of the reactions below:

Lutendo PM said: “Next time before anyone reverses please look under the cars, it’s scary.”

Ntate o delicious said: “This guy is too young not to being followed around, a minute without out of sight is too much.”

lulu said: “Hayi this is scary, but atleast you guys are now aware that it’s his other hiding spot.”

Nqobile Mkhize said: “So much could have happened here, we thank God.”

ofentse_mantalk said: “Im angry with this mechanic but the laughter brought soo much joy into my anger.”

Sewa_godimo said: “I just love the way he’s laughing after coming out of there.”

Mai Gigi said: “I found my daughter in a pot and she had closed the cupboard door chilled relaxing. lucky i cooked that day.”


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