Mum of 5 cries in video as husband dumps her and moves in with her elder sister

Mum of 5 cries in video as husband dumps her and moves in with her elder sister

A desolate mother of five has recalled one of the greatest upsets of her life involving her elder sister and husband.

Uwineza Ange who said she had never experienced peace in her life said her sibling was the source of her problems.

“When I was a young girl, she used to mistreat me by overworking me and treating me like house help. She denied me the taste of education by overburdening me with house chores I had to drop school work. I was taking care of her kids,” the Rwandan mum told Afrimax English.

She remembered a day when she was sick and was admitted to hospital for two months.

Man abandons kids for a love affair
During that period, neither her husband nor sister came to the hospital to check up on her even once.

It bothered her so much as she felt neglected and alone, yet she had a lover and family member back at home.

“When I came back home from the hospital, I was shocked to realise that my husband had left our children and left to live together with my elder sister. It was so heartbreaking. Whenever I tried to call him, he never picked up my calls,” she said.

One afternoon Ange’s mum called the elder sister after realising she never visited her sister when she was in the hospital.

Secret affair leaked
The phone was picked up by a man, raising suspicions about the elder sister and Ange’s hubby.

Ange’s mum told her daughter about the issue and Ange took it upon herself and her daughter to go to her sister’s house to confirm.

“When we entered the living room, we found they were having a big party, drinking alcohol and enjoying themselves,” he recalled.