I need help: Mum cries out after [email protected] daughter,15, sl€€ping in son’s room

A woman has cried out for help on social media

A woman sought advice as she [email protected] her daughter’s inability to sl€£p alone at night. She came to the realisation that help is needed after once again [email protected] her daughter, who is 15 years old, sl€€ping in her brother’s room.

She shared one of those moments on TikTok. In the TikTok clip, she walked into the room and saw the sl€€ping girl covered up.

“When is my 15 year old daughter going to [email protected] to sl€€p in her room alone. At this point I need help,” a caption on the clip reads.

After frantically waking the girl up, the woman enquired from her how she managed to end up in her brother’s room.

“I thought I woke you up in the middle of the night and I saw you go into your room to sl€€p.

What are you still doing in Jaden’s room?” she said. Dismissing the girl’s mumbling, the woman wondered when all these would come to an end.

“What is all this nonsense? Stop coming to your bother’s room to sl€€p. Overcome this [email protected],” she said.

Social media reactions

Dora said: “That is not how to deal with a situation like this by disturbing her sl€€p and shouting talk to her and ask her the problem it’s not about age.”

Richard said: “You need to seat with her & ask her why she is avoiding her to sleep in her room. Then check the kind of movies she watches or the news she listens to.”

Omoperosola Maltida said: “Just leave her she will I keep sl€€ping in my grandma’s room not until I realize I needs my own privacy just leave her with time she will.”

user3383552925908 said: “I stated demanding for my privacy at 14 the way I enjoy sl€€ping alone at time I [email protected] I got married it going to create problems.”

Ikcon mama said: “Not everyone can sl€€p alone,I remember when my younger sister travelled n left me alone it wasn’t easy for me ooo.”

Watch the video below;


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Mum says her kid is always invading her privacy

Meanwhile, SM  previously reported that a woman had decried how her daughter doesn’t give her privacy anymore.

In a TikTok video posted on January 10 by @thetarawalliefamily, the child was seen weeping profusely outside the woman’s room.

It was not until the door was opened for her that she stopped weeping, and she speedily crawled into the room to meet her mother.

The lady, said in the video, that being a mother means she can’t have time for herself.