“‎Mr. Macaroni mini” – Little boy stuns in agbada attire for birthday photoshoot, stirs reactions online

A video and photoshoot images of a little boy in a photo studio for his birthday have captured the attention of TikTok users, who flocked to the comment section to share hilarious statements.

In the video, the boy is seen dressed in a native attire, popularly known as Agbada, sitting carefully for the photoshoot.

The facial expression of the boy and a few other things grabbed the attention of viewers who then flooded the comment section to share their views.


See some reactions:

Readone: “‎Mr macaroni mini”

adebowale oyindamola: “‎He slept through the whole process something he and tinubu have in common.”

imatitikuawendy3: “‎I don’t have issues with the picture but which kind song be this?? The pikin na old man?”

Henny: “‎Omo me I no fit eat this kind cake.. it’s so realistic.”

Kvng_yeesha: “‎Am I. The only one seeing mr macaroni (daddy wa)”

IFY_SERENE: “‎But wetin this pikin do to deserve this?”

Jennifer: “‎God abeg I laugh while carrying my own baby, God please forgive me, but I still they laugh shaaa.”

Babygal: “‎Una don start o who snap pablet son.”

Billz: “‎Na newborn baby or adult why he short like that who sow the clothe try.”



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