Movie Review: Every Single person needs to watch ‘The Ignition’ by Damilola Mike-Bamiloye

The Ignition tells the story of a young christian brother (with a faulty car), Shola, who falls in love with an epileptic Christian sister, Ngozi (his God given gift, who in turn supports him whenever his car fails)… they got engaged….everything was perfect… but along the line, his love for her waxed cold because of her condition…things fall apart…

I was really impressed with the movie production.

The lightning, sound track/background music, D.O.P  and the acting were all on point.

There were several hilarious scenes that made me laugh hard and also emotional scenes as well that got me shedding tears…yea, I am emotional like that……i can’t even pin point any unnecessary/boring scene in the almost 2 hours long movie…

Unlike the old school Nigerian gospel movies, where the acting gets draggy and too spiritual, The Ignition was real and very relatable….it wasn’t too spirikoko, yet it had a deep message…

Have I mentioned that the movie subtitle was very top class? Well, I just did! There were no errors at all in the subtitle.

Oh and I loved the Igbo/Yoruba culture mix..very nice.

The characters especially the Igbo father-in-law was just so funny, his facial expression alone had me laughing hard…also, Chioma Nwangwu aka Ngozi interpreted her role well as a timid, soft spoken churchy girl. Shola’s two comic friends did well too.

It’s amazing how Dami Bamiloye has grown from the child actor in the old Mount Zion movies to a super star. He played the Shola role brilliantly!

I must not forget to mention that the chemistry between Shola and Ngozi was
on point too, they were so sweet/perfect together….

And yes, the Agodi Gardens in Ibadan was well featured in the movie.

Recall, how it was severally featured in the Couple of Days movie (HERE) and my visit to the place in January (HERE)? Good!

Favorite quotes from the movie:

1. Satan will fight every union that has a destiny to fulfill I chose to focus on Jesus, that is why I am walking on the storm but you choose to focus on the storm like Peter and that is why you are sinking

2. Whose voice are you paying attention to…the voice of God or the voice of your friends?

3. I need us to fight together, I need us to pray together

4. I don’t know what the future holds for me but i know who holds my future and I am holding on to him.

5. Jesus can clean up our mess

The BUTs in the movie:

1. Ngozi moved on too fast…she kept Shola waiting for months before accepting his proposal yet quickly agreed to the new guy?..or better still, it would have made more sense if it was indicated in the movie by saying seven months after or ten months after, that way, the viewers will not assume that she moved on within two, three months.


2. And then the moment when Shola saw the Display picture on the New guy’s phone…oh please…the distance between the phone on the table and where Shola was seated was too much for one to just sight a DP like that…it would have been more realistic if the phone fell or dropped from the New guy’s hand and Shola ended up picking it up and then seeing the Display photo…


3. Sophia’s make up and wig wasn’t nice at all…lol but she is damn good especially her scene at the Agodi Gardens!