Movie Review: Recitation – by Damilola Mike-Bamiloye

There are certain times that the more I watch a movie, the deeper my viewing experience of it becomes.

“Recitation” falls into that class because, for one thing, several different aspects of its production stand out; secondly, it is, in a sense, a dream come true for me. I’ll explain in the paragraphs to come.

Some years ago, while trying to get a feature film to show children at an outreach, there seemed to be a scarcity of productions geared towards secondary school students, for we had exhausted the few at our disposal within a short period.

Enter “Recitation” in 2023, a solid production that fills that gap, feeds hungry souls and hopefully, is one of many more children gospel movies to come.

Furthermore, its protagonist is a real life teenager, played beautifully by Femi Omidiwura, and was joined by other children ministers in credible performances.

Of course, one of the major highlights of “Recitation” is its cast list that features the beautiful gospel skit couple, The Winlos; what a pleasant sight to behold!

Personally, I’d silently hoped we’d see them and Evangelist Osagie Ekhator in the same production someday, being from the same region of the country. My first encounter with him was in “Costly Games” (2009) where he memorably plays Kola.

Here, his delivery of lines in pidgin English was spot-on and one of the things that lent credence to this motion picture. Moreover, for the first time in a feature film, I believe, Jay and Josh make a cameo in just the right scene that suits their peculiarities.

I think that the sound design in “Recitation” is a step-up to an already-excellent film music pattern in Mount Zion movies. The scores were robust in composition and gave off an atmosphere of grandeur in application, especially when used with aerial shots of the school setting.

I would say this was exemplified by the fact that the “Baba is Here” tune pack was used in contrasting scenes; yet, it achieved just what was needed for each – the pain of rejection and need for hope, and the elation of victory and its attendant relief. I don’t know how that worked but it did. And that score nearly always moves me to tears.

One of my big takeaways from “Recitation” is that when we pray, we experience that there’s nothing God cannot do. Very importantly as well, when Jesus is the One living in us, then, we too are able to do all things.

I hereby encourage anyone who doesn’t have the life of Christ in them to invite Him in; He will come and make His nothing-is-impossible power operational in your life. WATCH THE MOVIE HERE



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