Movie Review: ‘Prophet Suddenly’ Produced By The Winlos

This is another great one from the winlos I must say. I didn’t expect less though, knowing the Winlos have been in the game for decades now, and with their track record of numerous quality and heart touching productions I have seen over the years, seeing anything less will be a great shock to me.

The Winlo’s isn’t a small production ministry and it is evident God has helped them thus far and we can see it clearly.

haven seen 12:45 one of their 2021 full length power packed movies, and countless quality skits I will still repeat that I did not expect any less.

The Winlos have over the years had a track record of success attained in the gospel movie scene with each of their productions maintaining the standard. Prophet suddenly was good enough to keep the standard.

Prophet Suddenly was scripted by Ohis Muyiwa Ojeikere and Ola theraw poet Adene, the two played the lead roles in the movie as well.

Prophet suddenly, tells the story of Michael AKA Prophet suddenly who’s quest for quick fame and ministerial influence and power landed him in the hands of Miokukusheshe the commander in chief of familiar spirits played brilliantly by ace actress Laurel Otohan.

The movie clearly states the consequences of wrong friendship and bad company as seen in the case of CK a reckless and promiscuous single who was best of friends with Michael a married man.

The movie also states clearly the consequences of ones quest for quick fame and money.

The movie addressed family issues as well as the consequences of denying your spouse his or her marital rights.

The movie was very good, the message was great and the time of release for a movie like this is just so on point if you ask me. Consedering the fact that we live in a world where youths want the glory, quick fame but are not ready to make the sacrifices that come with success.

One thing I really loved about this movie was the message and coloring, the color grading. The movie was beautiful to watch just like every other winlos movie.

The locations were beautiful too, just like all other locations of The winlos films. The winlos are heavy on location and they pay attention to details of their movie locations and I must give that to them.

DWIN DIK did a great job with the cinematography. The camera movements were good and appropriate and helped tell the story.

The sound tracks suited the movie and scenes, they were well placed as well.

The directing was good as well. The drone shots were well taken and well placed.

The VFx was well done. it didn’t look mechanical at all, it was professionally done. The lights also suited the scenes as well and this helped in telling the story.

The sound was very clear, I heard everything from start to finish without having to strain at any point to get the dialogue.

The locations were well selected and the make up was properly done on the casts.

I doff my hat for Laurel who played Miokukusheshe she was phenomenal, outstanding is an understatement. The lady is too goooood. Even though for me it was expected of her except for those who are just knowing her work for the first time.

The choice of casts were just perfect kudos to the casting director

All casts did justice to their roles

For a production ministry like the Winlo’s this was expected.

To my observations

1. I will like the winlos to work on creating suspense in their stories and films. Looking at the scene where Michael was returning home from office, that is, the first time he met miokukusheshe on the lonely way, immediately she was shown the sound effect put in made me immediately know the lady is evil.

I wish they withheld some info from me and let me discover them myself as i watch the movie. It will be more intriguing that way.

I mean the sound effects told me the story and what will happen next earlier than I wanted to know.

2. In the bar scene when Miokukusheshe appeared to Mike telling him not to expose his secret powers to CK, on appearing to Mike, Miokukusheshe’s image showed in the physical mirror of the bar of which I think for a spirit isn’t appropriate.

She is a spirit so I think she has no body and so her reflection should not show on a physical mirror. I think that should have been avoided through camera angle.

3. To me if Miokukusheshe had been made to seat on a chair a throne in that church scene in front, it will be better as that will display more of her dominance than her sitting on the floor as was shown.

A little adjustment should have been made with the sound design. Some dialogue of casts sounded so loud when the tone was suppose to be whispers.

4. Some dialogues were too loud and I felt could be better if it was reduced a bit to have a balance and comfortable hearing experience.

5. There was also a little continuity issue as well. In the scene where Michael was interviewed on tv where he was asked who his mentor in ministry is, he was putting on a black suit and white shirt then after the interview he steps out to his car and is seen on an entirely different costume.

6. Mike in one of the scenes was seen with CK in the bar putting on a particular costume a round neck shirt but when he returns home to his family from the bar he is seen on a different shirt.

After Michael became a Prophet after he was given powers by Miokukusheshe and began to do wonders, I feel his costumes could have been changed to suit the role of a Prophet, as we know well that a fake prophet will invest so much on physical appearance to look exactly like a real prophet because of the wanna be spirit.

They do so much in terms of physical appearance so that they are not easily doubted.

They do so much of show off on their physical appearance but as seen, the Prophet was still dressing wearing casual t-shirts, casual clothes as he was doing formerly.

Even in the preaching scene it was a prophecy and a kind of deliverance or do i say miracle service scene, but what he put on for the scene wasn’t so ideal for a prophet of that caliba if you ask me.

I feel for a fake prophet especially, he should at least put on a more sophisticated Prophet costume as seen on the poster of the film to help potray the role but it wasn’t so.

What he wore through out his ministry in the film were more of casuals sometimes even casual nativewears I feel he looked too casual a kind a kind of.

Also I feel they could do better with the lady honorable’s costume. I mean the honourable who came to see Prophet suddenly.

I think for a honorable she should look more elegant with jewelries bangles and sophisticated lace wear on rather than just a plain casual gown as was seen, her PA as well didn’t embody the physique and character as the costume for a honorable’s PA.

It could have been better. In a nut shell what I mean is the honorable lady was fit for the role but the choice of costume could have been better selected

I think the winlos should pay some more detaled attention to their costume designs in their future productions.

Also I wish in the church scene where Prophet suddenly was prophesying, that the camera would have focused abit more on Pastor Mrs Joy Michael (Anwili Ojeikere), than was shown, since she is the pastors wife, I needed to see more of her facial reactions to her husband’s pulpit gymnastics.

But what was shown seemed like she is just any other member in the congregation the camera didn’t capture her even once.

She s a key character so I needed to see her reaction to what was going on whether shock, surprise or happy, any one I just wish the camera captured her.

Also I felt when Mike lost his son alot of church members could have been seen trooping into their house to mourn with them the following day and press men / journalists would have been seen at the residence of Prophet Suddenly interviewing him and people on the sudden demise of his only son recall that he is the general overseer of a happening church in town so he is well known.

But as potrayed only CK and Joy’s friend were seen on ground to mourn with the family, that made it look like they were just nobody.

Also the scene where the ladies were confessing to Joy that Prophet suddenly has been sleeping with them felt like the ladies were not in the same place as Joy. Each lady was looking at different directions (eye contact was not in right direction)while each of them talked to Joy.

Also timeline or timeframe of when events were unfolding and happening would help us understand the film better. It helps us know if its two days later, a day after, a week after etc this will aid our understanding of the film and also help in correcting continuity issues

Its a great movie I was blessed and i advice that you all go and watch the movie if you have not.