We’ve been together for only 3 months – Lady turns down boyfriend’s surprise marriage proposal in church (Video)

We’ve been together for only 3 months – Lady turns down boyfriend’s surprise marriage proposal in church

A proposal gone wrong moment has taken place at a church and left a man feeling heartbroken after being rejected.

He asked for his girlfriend’s hand in marriage while celebrating her birthday in the church premises but she turned him down in front of a crowd of people.

A video making the rounds online shows when he went on one knee and brought out a ring with the hope that she will say yes.

Unfortunately, she refused to accept and stated that they have only been dating for three months and its too early to start thinking of marriage.

She accused him of embarrasing her but the boyfriend seemed confusion by her reaction, and just as he was trying to process what was happening, she smacked him and plastered the cake on his face.

In reaction, mokwuah said; I’ve said this before and I’ll sha say it again, don’t propose to someone you haven’t spoken to about marriage. Stop this ‘out of the blue’ nonsense

amazonbae; Why are some ladies always quick to hit a man? Don’t you have brothers? Where did the love suddenly disappear to? Must you hit him to prove your point?

iamyetundebakare; Private Proposal is still the best because you never can tell if you’ve been dating yourself

triqa_blu; Dem still dey propose for this economy? Check Dat guy, him dey hide new naira notes for him house

callme_fatima; If Na me sef I go reject him , see his shoes

bitz_and_piecez; But why you wan propose after 3 months? Get to know the person build structures, then bring up that convo and watch the person’s reaction how many times I go teach una this thing?

gylliananthonette; No it’s because there is someone else, Most women dream in a relationship is to get the ring ..

chris_melbournee; The girl doesn’t even worth to be proposed to- just give her belle make she carry.

gafgold; Wahala for una wey Dey love o…who cook Sunday rice here abeg ??

big_mikeoflos; If you propose to me and I no want I’ll pretend to accept in public but give you your ring back later.
that__jeffery; Who else can feel what the guy is feeling currently? His body language and looks said it all Fear all Eves

__precious_o; Una go just de shout say yes say yes, na you wan go live with the man for house..you all should learn to stop trying to force people into accepting marriage proposals.

apitozar; Before I propose to Girl I go first tell her for house first ooh …If she like make she no do awwwn again
aboobae_; She was unnecessarily dramatic… I mean why would she hit him and throw the cake at him??…

Even if some men decide not to think properly before proposing, it doesn’t mean you both should make a scene…

she could have simply told him to stand up or if she’s that embarrassed, walk away…A lot of Nigerian women don’t know how to turn down a proposal in public, they resort to violence… o wrong naw.

Watch the video below:

Man explains why he stops his wife from visiting he parents

A man identified as Oistien van Mowo, has revealed that he stopped his wife from visiting her parents on a few occasions.

He explained that his mother-in-law lives in the same city with them, and his wife formed the habit of visiting her.

Mowo, who describes himself as a traditional man, said he decided to halt the visits because it was becoming constant.

According to him, when its weekend or he travels out, his wife uses the opportunity to go and see her parents.

Mowo wrote; “I have stopped my wife once or twice from visit her parent. Her mum lives in same city as we do, the first time of stopping her from going was because she was making it too frequent and any time I am out of town over the weekend she’s ready to run off.

Trying to cut a daughter off from her parent is different to trying to balance things in your home.”



A tweep @bumblebees_ng questioned him; We have a saying in my village “na from clap den dey take enter dance…

” so you stopped her asin infringed on her freedom of movement and association? Why wasn’t dialogue on the table?

@Oistien_VanMowo replied; Oh you thought stopping her involves locking her down? Dialogue is when you voice your reservation and she obliges you. Same way I obliges her when she sights her reservation.

Because we are used to reading abuse we view things from abuse perspective so I understand

Another lady @Obianuju23 wrote; Lmaooo. This doesn’t make any sense. She will do so by her own will,she’s an adult.

My mum is the last born,she said she used her hand to lessened how she goes to her family house by herself.

Tbh trying to cut her off from her parents is abusive and manipulative Biko.

@Oistien_VanMowo said; There is a difference between cutting off and saying No just once or twice in a union of years.

Reread my statement again if you dont mind ma’am. Only Narcissistic men tries to cut off their wives from their family.