Moment female corper nearly falls into ditch on her POP while snapping

Moment female corper nearly falls into ditch on her POP while snapping

A young female corper has caused a buzz online as she narrowly escaped falling into a ditch during a photoshoot at her Passing Out Parade (POP) ceremony.

The video, which has since gone viral on social media, documents the harrowing situation faced by the female corper, who was preparing to mark the end of her one-year national service.

As she set up her camera for what was intended to be a memorable photo session, little did she know that a perilous situation lurked just behind her.

With her camera in position, the corper began to step backward to frame her shot, completely unaware of the circular structure covering a hidden ditch right behind her.

Disaster seemed imminent as her foot made unexpected contact with the concealed ditch, causing her to teeter dangerously close to the edge.

In a moment of sheer luck, the corper managed to grasp onto a small concrete wall adjacent to the ditch, preventing herself from tumbling into the hidden chasm.

Amid the shock, the young female corper shared the video online, humorously suggesting that her “village people” might have attempted to spoil her joyous occasion on her POP day.

Netizens Reactions…

Osamabinsexy said: “I wish there was water inside🥺😭😂😂

Hauttire penned: “She threw her phone away…… that’s a sister there!!!!”

Nice rude gal🤞🤧❤: “If nah my friend,she go use 1hour laugh me😭😂😂

user1219011240732 reacted: “nobody is talking about her the other lady phone fell from her hands while trying to save her😔😔

💫Jessica remarked; ‘How deep was it 😭you hv a very lovely friend you should cherish her 🥺

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