“Mohbad’s wife refused to pick my calls or show me DNA result” – Businessman who pledged N10M, speaks (VIDEO)

Mohbads wife refused to pick my calls or show me DNA result

Larry Omordia, the CEO of African TV and a prominent businessman from Nigeria, has revealed his repeated attempts to contact Omawunmi Aloba, the late singer’s wife, regarding the highly publicized DNA findings of her son.

Recall that the billionaire once promised to pay a cool 10 million naira if it found out that Liam, the singer Mohbad’s son, was actually his flesh and blood.

The DNA test results recently proclaimed Mohbad as Liam’s real father, according to the skitmaker OGB Recent.

Without holding back, OGB mocked the businessman, pointing out that after giving Mohbad’s wife a generous 10 million naira, he abruptly disappeared after the truth came out.

In response, Mr. Larry Omordia said in a recent footage that he made an effort to contact the wife this morning. She didn’t only initially refuse to answer the call, either; when she did, she hung up the phone without further explanation.

He adamantly insisted that no DNA test had actually been performed, despite the frequent allegations to the contrary.

The businessman questioned if the wife had actually submitted her own DNA sample for the test and dug into the technicalities of how the deceased singer’s DNA sample was obtained, casting doubt on the entire issue.

Larry lists questions for people who claim a DNA test has been done

“I actually called the wife four times. As late as this morning I called her myself. She hung up the call. I spoke with her a few days ago, she hung up the call. “So, she is not reaching out or accepting the offer yet.” 

“And if anybody claims to you DNA has been done and that we should pay, ask them the following questions.

Question number one:

“Did the father of Mohbad give a DNA sample yet? The answer is no.

“Did the mother of Mohbad give DNA sample yet? No 

“Did Wunmi, mother of the baby, Mohbad’s wife give DNA sample yet? The answer is no.

“Has anyone taken the DNA sample of the boy? The answer is no.

“Has African television been contacted or provided DNA samples for the testing? The answer is no.

“So, don’t be gullible to believe the propaganda that is being pushed out.” 


In a viral video, the elderly man had earlier elucidated the significance of the late singer’s wife establishing her innocence amidst the swirling controversies encircling her husband’s demise.

He underscored that subjecting herself to a DNA test would be a small price to pay compared to the emotional distress she might endure due to the accusations aimed at her


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