Mohbad planned his own candlelight procession – Video leaks online

A candle night procession was unexpectedly organized by the late Nigerian artist Mohbad during one of his concerts a few weeks ago.

Mohbad was seen performing at a concert when the incident takes place in a video posted on TikTok by @ayomideoluwaseyi23.

Before he began to play, he made arrangements for people to enter the stage carrying white wrappers tied with lit candles.

During the concert, Late singer Mohbad orchestrated a captivating performance that incorporated a candle night procession.

They were all clad in white wrappers adorned with lit candles and walked on stage. This visual display has given a different meaning after the singer’s death on Tuesday, September 12.

The choice to incorporate candles and white wrappers into Mohbad’s performance holds significant symbolism.

Candles are often lit after someone’s death with a procession done by loved ones in remembrance of the person.

However, this candle night procession has left people wondering if Mohbad knew his death was close.

See the video below:


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