“Mohbad hit me twice, chased me away when I tried to make peace between him and his wife” — Primeboy

Primeboy, one of the suspects linked to the death of late Nigerian singer Mohbad, revealed in a statement that he was once hit by the late singer when he tried to settle an issue with his wife.

In a video circulating online, Primeboy, in the company of his lawyer, recalled a recent moment when he was called by Mohbad.

He mentioned being surprised when he checked his phone and found out he had missed Mohbad’s call.

His statement: “I saw Mohbad’s missed call on Saturday, and when I noticed it, I was shocked. I thought, ‘Mohbad called me?’ So, I immediately returned the call, and he told me to come over to chill because he was missing me. I agreed.”

“Right after hearing the news, I rushed to my friend, and then to the island. They said it’s no problem and that they would join me soon because the next day is my brother’s birthday.”

“I told them I’m going today because I need to be with Mohbad. When I got to the island in the evening around 7, I saw Mohbad in the parlor with some guys and his boys, playing with his kid.”

“Immediately, I dropped my bag and picked up his kid, and we started playing with him while we greeted each other. Then, suddenly, he mentioned that he forgot to tell me that he has a show in Ikorodu.”

“I responded, ‘You could have told me; tomorrow is my brother’s birthday too.’”

Speaking about the argument between his wife and the late singer, Primeboy said: “We got to Ebute Meta, and he and his wife started having some heated argument, which I felt I didn’t need to interfere with. It’s their family issue, so I just observed.”

Regarding when he was hit, Primeboy said: “Mohbad was not happy that I was the one advising him to take it easy. He was upset that I didn’t give him the chance to express himself fully, but I told him that this wasn’t the right place for it.”

He also mentioned that Mohbad later hit him during the incident.

Fans of the late singer have taken to the comment page to express their views on the matter.

See some reactions below:

@dicksonudo001: “The question is, did Mohbad tell you that you should interfere in his relationship with his wife?”

@jaybaba009: “What caused the fight you were trying to settle between him and his wife? Let’s know first.”

@elmannygram: “Clearly all wasn’t right with his marriage. This matter get too many loopholes.”

@youngskidmusic: “Then why did we hear that he sustained injury from your hitting back that led to swell?.”

@iamkeyzeeto: “He’s not lieing tho same interview he had before said this,I keep hammering make them arrest the wife and the father for questioning.”

@Jayprrime: “Whatever you do in this country. Make sure you stay alive. We don’t have the mechanism to unravel what happened in the past here. They will manipulate this whole story to what they actually want it to be.”