Miracle no dey tire Jesus – Mom narrates how her 1yr 5mths old son miraculously vomited drumset scew he swallowed..

Mom narrates how her 1yr 5mths old son miraculously vomited drumset scew he swallowed

True true, miracle no dey tire Jesus.

In a story shared by an online platform ‘heavenly mandate’, it was said that a 1year 5months old boy swallowed a drumset scew out of sight of his siblings and mom.

According to the narration, the boy’s elder sister who noticed her younger brother had swallowed a screw swifted into action by calling for thier mother’s help to save her brother.

Immediately it was confirmed that he truly swallowed the screw, the mother said he flipped the down and patted his back about 5 times to push the screw out.

After few pats, he vomited the screw stained with blood. She further appreciated God who made him vomit the screw, without opting for surgery.

Full post reads;

My older son loves to drum, so my husband got a drumset for him. On Sunday after service and I had finished cooking,we all ate happily.

We were all in my husband’s room and my kids were playing with him. We didn’t know when my last baby 1yr and 5months left our room to theirs where the drumset is.

Suddenly I had to send the rest two out. I heard my daughter shout Jesus ifey has swallowed something.

I jumped out of the bed I tried to know and remove what he swallowed to no avail. All I said was holyghost help me because I was confused and helpless.

I remembered a video I had watched months ago how a child was saved from such incident. I flipped him faced down, slapped his upper back 5 times and then this drumset screw fell out of his mouth stained with blood.

Oh God I started crying because this could hv ended in a 50 50 surgery.

God came through for us o. Glory to his name o!!!. I hv dismembered the drumset, removed every screw o🤣🤣🤣 I no fit shout o. #HeavenlyMandate © Precy Gold Obiajunwa. SEE PHOTOS BELOW

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