Mind finds out his wife took N400,000 meant for children school fees and sent to her mum.

A Nigerian woman who was given N400k to pay her children’s school fees has instead sent the money to her mother.

The woman’s husband gave her the money for fees, but instead, she lied she was attacked and converted the money for other use. The story was shared by Neo_officiall.

According to the story, the woman has a brother who was arrested for illegal activities, and she was trying to send money to contribute to his bail.

She had earlier told her husband about her brother’s case, and he wasn’t keen on sending the money.

When the money for fees was given to her, she used to opportunity to forward the money to her mother.

To conceal the act, the wife lied that the money was taken from her by armed robbers.

The full full story reads:

“Just heard a story that shook me. So there is fire on the mountain in this marriage and this is what happened.


The wife asked the husband to give her 400k in this economy so she can send to her parents as her own contribution for the release of her brother, who was caught dealing drugs abroad. 

Her husband made it clear that he is managing whatever resources they have and so cannot just waste that amount of money not even for a life and death situation but to help a criminal. 

She kept on putting pressure on the man but he insisted.

Looked like it will ruin her marriage so she stopped but the pressure from home kept coming. 

Coincidentally, it was the start of the new school year, the husband gave her 450k to go pay the school fees of their 3 kids since she has been the one paying it. 

She left the house, went to a POS and sent the money to her parents. She then went into an uncompleted building in a lonely area, tore her clothes,

used blocks and bottles to inflict wounds on herself then called her husband crying and shouting that she was beaten and robbed at gun point and the whole money collected from her. 

The innocent and unsuspecting husband rushed to her wife’s aid, took her to the hospital & they even went for thanksgiving. 

Mind you that this same woman has been inflating the school fees of all her kids. 

Whenever she received the school’s letter, she’d go to a cyber cafe to inflate the prices before showing it to her unsuspecting husband. 

I even got to find out that some of the bursars in schools now team up with some wives to steal from their husbands. 

In a bid to cover up their tracks, many wives have the phone numbers of bursars to alert them on the days when the husbands will be coming to pay the fees for the kids. 

The bursars will of course lie and stick to the inflated fees that the husbands are already used to, after which they now collect a percentage and send the rest to the wives.

Anyway I think the husband overheard her conversation on the phone with her mother which is how the whole plan scattered. 

The man has been the one fully providing for her and sometimes her parents and younger siblings and the one time he didn’t provide, the wife did this.

Na the matter dy hot for my street now.”

Reactions from Twitter users as wife sends kids fees to her mum

@Carlitopapa said: “All stay-at-home moms do this, especially with groceries and other family bills. The bad economy has seen more and more men entering markets themselves.”

@Kingdavidmark said: “A woman I know faked her own kidnapping in December of 2021, her reason was that her husband was stingy.”