A darling sister was waiting on God for a husband, and we were all feeling for her and begging that God would surprise her. She kept waiting and later began to groan in impatience. At every meeting, she would approach me and lament her ordeal, and we would encourage her to wait. One day, at a program, she approached me, and looked at me very depressed and said; “Daddy, I have waited enough….I am getting weak. I have tried my best…I am getting tired already…Daddy…I repeat, I have waited enough…” I looked back at her square in the face and I said, “If you are tired of waiting for The Lord, what else would you do? Would you go back into the world because you are waiting for a partner? There is only one option left for you now after all this waiting: And the option is Wait for The Lord.”

The next time I would hear from her, she came for another program with her wedding pictures. She had married. And we were dazed. She began to bubble for joy in our midst. Wearing a smile all around. Well, we thanked The Lord for her life and for answered prayers, even though, it looked so strange. Next, we did not hear of her again for some time. Then, the news came that she had died. She died in the hospital after a protracted illness. She died without a noise. Nobody missed her. It was strange that she could die so cheaply like that and there was not even an announcement of her death amidst the brethren. She had died and was buried before we got to know. We were later told that she got married to a married man, and the little time she spent after her wedding was a hellish one, before she became sick with a strange infirmity and died. Impatience.


Published By: Ifeoluwa ORISAKAHUNSI
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