Mike Bamiloye reveals why it took his first son, Damilola, a long time to find a wife

Evangelist Mike and Gloria Bamiloye’s wedding clocked 30 yesterday, October 8.

At the wedding anniversary thanksgiving which took place at RCCG House on the Rock parish, Grand Prairie Texas on Sunday, Gloria Bamiloye revealed that while praying for marriage, she asked God for a man with whom to serve Him.

Mike Bamiloye on his part expressed that it was God who allowed all the sisters he had initially blindly proposed to say NO as he would never have gotten any successful ministry if he married wrongly.

He further revealed why it took long for Damilola Mike-Bamiloye, his first son, to find a wife that is like his mum.

See excerpts below…Gloria Bamiloye said ‘I called him Bro. Mike before I ever knew he will be the man I will spend my life with.

Well respected by brethren back then in the campus, very strong, full of zeal, focused on the things of God, especially in drama ministry.

I got so attracted to him especially for his love and zeal for God. When I was praying for whom to marry, I told God, give me a man with whom to serve you. Little did I know what I was asking for until brother Mike became my husband.

I saw a man of rugged faith, a man who will not bow for defeat or failure, a man who will rise up fast and keep it moving, I saw a man whose focus is heaven, my faith was stretched in the course of following this man.’

Mike Bamiloye on his wife…

“If my God had not had mercy on me and prevented all those sisters I had blindly proposed to initially and turned down my proposal. If any of them had said yes to my proposal, I would have missed it in life and forever.

They all turned down my proposal and I thought God was against me not knowing God was planning my future. I know I have not loved you know, I’m trying to read some books on how to handle Gold, so I’m trying to know how to love someone like you.

I’m eager to learn how to love someone like you as expected. You are a very big voluminous book, I have not read the book to a quarter of it. You feed your children well with the word of God and you are very submissive.

No wonder my children, Dammy and Joshua have always been praying that the Lord will give them a wife like their mother. That was why it took Dammy long time to find a lady like his mother because they are very scarce.”