‘Just because of 20Naira difference in price, they can walk through the whole market’ – Mike Bamiloye hails women

mike bamiloye hails women market

Evang. Mike Bamiloye of Mount Zion Faith Ministries has hailed women for their peculiarity and this was confirmed by his followers on social media.

The gospel filmmaker in a short post described women as a special creature made by God and are totally different from men.

In the post he made, he gave an instance of what married men face anytime they visit the market with their wives.

In his words;Even if you stay in the car, and she goes to the market, you will listen to Radio, read newspapers, watching market women and passersby for a long time till you doze off and wake up and see two women carrying baskets following your wife to the boot of the car.

You will be happy that she has come back at last, only to tell you that, `she has not bought the Salt and Maggi, that you should give her 3 minutes. Ah! Up Women! Glorious Wives! Specially made from Heaven!

They enjoy pricing in seven stalls because of 20 naira difference! Jesus! Who Can Relate? #mikebamiloye”


Evang. Mike Bamiloye has come out to warn men about the danger that comes with fighting with their wives.

The filmmaker had once addressed this via his Instagram page in February 2021 noting that women are God’s last born being the last creature made by God according to the bible.

According to him, any man who fights his wife is simply fighting God’s last born, and that is a battle he’ll never win.

He added that when a wife is giving her husband trouble, it is the duty of the man to report the woman to God (her heavenly father) for resolution of the issue.

His words, DON’T FIGHT THE LAST BORN. It is Dangerous fighting Your Wife.  You Would Be Fighting God’s Last Born, the Baby of the House, the One He Created when you were Sound Asleep so you would not disturb Him.

The One He Created With All the Extra Raw Materials. She is the Baby of the House.  But what do you do, When the Baby of the House, your Wife, is Fighting You? Because some Last Born girls are just troublesome and spoilt.

Small things…they begin to cry and Shout and nag. When she is fighting you, Pls, Don’t Fight her. REPORT HER TO HER DAD.


Evang. Mike Bamiloye of Mount Zion Faith Ministries celebrated his wife Gloria’s 59th birthday on February 4, 2023, with a lengthy article on his blog.

Evang. Mike Bamiloye recognized her loyalty to him and her incessant submission to God’s directives even when she was unsure of the intentions behind them.

He observed that Gloria Bamiloye has always been a prayer warrior who prefers to handle matters in the presence of prayers.

In his words;
I am grateful to God I got you!
I am Eternally grateful to God I married you!
I am Ever Thankful to God I didn’t miss it at the Junction of Marriage.

You have been a faithful and Submissive Woman.
Submissive to the Will of God always even when it is obvious you dont understand what God is doing or where He is going at times.
You bow at His will. You have been following Him in Me for the past 34 Years.

Not that I know ALL Where I am going o, but I too am just following Him Blindly as He directs me. At times I miss the Way because I am human, but you didn’t fight me, YOU PRAY ME BACK INTO DIRECTION! A Vision Carrier! A Global Woman!

Your coming to this World is a great Blessing to this Generation!
Your Coming to this Generation has produced great Fruits to Multitude of Lives.
Congratulations to all your Ministry and Biological Children!
Congratulations to Dammy and Ella and Gloria and Grace!

Congratulations to Jay-Mike and Tolu and Jayson!
Congratulations to Darasimi and Lawrence-Oyor and Elijah!
Congratulations to Mount Zion Mummies and Daddies, those who have been sailing this boat with us all these years in Mount Zion ministry!

Congratulations to all Mount Zion Children Generation-Next!
Congratulations This Generation!
The Coming of this Daughter of Zion to this World at a time like this is a Huge Blessing to Me in Particular!
God bless Gloria Bamiloye!

May Your Home And Marriage be a Huge blessing to this Generation!
May you walk upon the Stormy Seas of this World!
May You quench the fiery darts of the enemies!
Congratulations MUMMY GLORIA!

gloria bamiloye (2)

gloria bamiloye (2)

gloria bamiloye (2)

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gloria bamiloye

gloria bamiloye