MFM Founders, Pst Daniel Olukoya and wife, Shade Olukoya celebrate 66th and 56th birthday respectively today, (Read their love story)

Today 15th of July, 2023, the founders of the Mountain of Fire and Miracels Ministries, Pastor Daniel Olukoya and his wife, Pastor Mrs Shade Olukoya are their birthdays.

In celebration of this year’s birthdays, the couple organized an evening of ‘Indigenous Hymns and praise concerts’ at the church auditorium.

Two years ago, Pastor Daniel Olukoya took to his Facebook page to appreciate God for his faithfulness over his family and ministry.

He wrote ; “Again, we have come to reverence you like we have always done for your gift of salvation.

If we have ten thousand tongues, it still wouldn’t be enough to singe your praises Jehovah.

We are grateful for how far you have brought us. Our soul magnifies the one who has got times and seasons in his hands.

We are thankful for answered prayers, We are grateful for the life that you gave.

We are thankful Lord”

daniel Olukoya (4)


Dr D. K. Olukoya is the general overseer of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries. A ministry devoted to the revival of apostolic signs, holy ghost fire works and the unlimited demonstration of the power to deliver to the uttermost. Holiness without and without as a spiritual perquisite and a condition for heaven is openly taught.

daniel Olukoya (4)

He holds a first class degree in microbiology and a Doctorate degree in molecular genetics. He is also a fire brand man of God and through him, many miracles, signs and wonders have taken place.

Mrs. Folashade Olukoya is the wife of Dr. D. K. Olukoya. She is also a fire brand pastor, a preacher of the word and a motivator of people.

As much as we all know about the marriage of this two lovely people, many don’t still know how this two people met.

Dr. D. K. Olukoya used to be a music director who used to come to teach music to the church of Mrs. Shade Olukoya at that time.

Then, Mrs Shade was inexperienced and she just wanted to serve her God. When Dr D. K. Olukoya always came, he usually attracted lots of attention because he was straight forward and a good motivator.

At a point in time, he had to leave for his doctorate degree. The church including Mrs. Shade were very unhappy because they liked his company.

There in where he went to, he had always been telling God to show him who his wife was. One day, he was ministering to the congregation about marriage and during the prayers he asked God in his mind to tell him who his wife would be.

There and then, he saw the face of Mrs. Shade. He conducted a prayer and fasting program to verify the vision and the answer was the same.

He came back after he had finished his degree and returned to that church of Mrs. Shade. But this time, he returned as a preacher and not as a music director.

One day, he called her to his office and told her this: “I am not a man of many words but lead by the power of the holy ghost and God is telling me that you are my wife”

She was shocked and speechless for a moment. He told her to also go and pray about it. Well, she was traveling to ife to further her education and she prayed about it.

She fasted and prayed for three days and in a dream, she saw herself when she was handed over to the man of God. Then, she knew that she was on the right path.

As God would have it, they started their courtship. During that time, they conducted marathon prayers, and encouraged each other.

He also taught her how to teach and always gave her 10 minutes to minister whenever they went to a program. And they also found out that their birthday fell on the same month.

Today, Pastor Daniel Olukoya and his wife Shade Olukoya are happily married and blessed with a son.

This is how this man of God met his wife.