Matthew 13:25

But while everyone was sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and went away (NIV)

Just as the producer and the writer of the epic movie titled “KEMBE ISONU” was enjoying the increase in the number of subscribers and views on the latest movie uploaded on his YouTube channel (FEJOSBABA TV) and also appreciating online audience for viewing and commenting on the blockbuster movie, another YouTube channel named “MENTA ENTERTAINMENT” checked in, uploaded again the video on their YouTube channel, monetized it and even claimed ownership on the episode 5 of the movie.

As usual and widely known, movies uploaded by Femi Adebile has always been a combination of background music composed and rendered by him as well as the visual content created anew by him.

However it was gathered that YouTube Team sent a mail to the producer to gainsay MENTA ENTERTAINMENT’s claim over the video.

Read Femi Adebile’s response for the dispute and profess to be the original uploader of the content.

* I have a good faith belief that the claim(s) described above have been made in error, and that I have the right(s) necessary to use the contents of my video for the reasons I have stated

* I’m am sure that I own all rights to the audio and visual contents in the video and I want to dispute the claim

* I understand that my video will be viewable by the claimant(s) so they can review my dispute

* I understand that filling fraudulent disputes may result in termination of my YouTube account.


Shortly after his response to the claim, MENTA ENTERTAINMENT released their copyright claim on “KEMBE ISONU” season 5.

Praise God!

Published By: Ifeoluwa ORISAKAHUNSI
C.E.O, gospelfilmsng