Yesterday, being the First Day of the week,

Daddy Mike BAMILOYE was celebrated as the #Man of the week on an online magazine with the name MEN WHO INSPIRE.

Esther Ijewere writes on her facebook timeline sharing the screenshot of the article to celebrate the man of the week in person of Evangelist Mike BAMILOYE.

Read her post below the article she shared:

Last week an OAP I respect so much thought it wise to drag and insult Mike Bamiloye publicly because his son tweeted something she didn’t agree with. I jumped on it and promised to celebrate him as our. #Manoftheweek on Men Who Inspire today. I’m glad to keep my promise .

This Man is an integral part of my childhood, When we couldn’t afford colour TV I’d watch Agbara Nla at my Neighbor’s in our Face-to-face apartment on Obabiyi street Ikotun.

It’s my joy to celebrate this great Man. For every child born in the 90’s in Nigeria, the name “Ayamantanga” put the fear of God in you.

Scroll through to read his Inspiring profile.

Thank You Mike and Gloria Bamiloye. I honour and respect you.

However this article must have been initiated after the late week drama and previous ones of direct attack towards Mike BAMILOYE, MountZion and ministries producing gospel films in general.



Mike BAMILOYE (born 1960) is a Nigerian Film actor, dramatist, producer and director. He’s an evangelist, founder and president of Mount Zion Drama Ministry and Mount Zion Television.

He was trained at Divisional Teachers’ Training College at Ipetumodu where he began his career.

He founded Mount Zion on August 5, 1985. His debut drama titled HELL IN CONFERENCE was staged at the Nation Christian Teachers’ Conference in 1986 at Ilesa in Osun State. He has featured, produced and directed several Nigeria films over the years.

For every child born in the 90’s in Nigeria the name “AYAMATANGA” put the fear of God into you.

Horror movies from the western world were suddenly not as scary compared to this particular film. Yoruba words like “ISHAWURU” and “ARO META” were enough to deter any child from misbehaving. The phrases standout in the film AGBARA NLA translated in English at THE ULTIMATE POWER by Mount Zion Faith Ministries.

The original version was released in 1993 in the Yoruba language and English in 1994.

From that little beginning with a small group of people, the Mount Zion Drama Ministry has defied all odds and became a household name both in and outside Nigeria. The ministry has begun to invest in the next generation, setting up and institute of Christan Drama where people are trained in Film Productions. The effort has resulted in the emergence of many young people who are now scriptwritters, producers, makeup artist, music composers with the three children of the Bamiloye leading the park.

Mike BAMILOYE has been married to his on-screen wife Gloria BAMILOYE since 1988 and they are blessed with three wonderful children, Damilola, Joshua and Gift BAMILOYE.

The recurring themes from the Mount Zion Films either got you convicted or put an evaluating fear of heal fire in the viewers. On thing was certain though, you would be made aware of the existence of God and the reality of the battle between good and evil.

The ministry has reached and touched more souls than could have been imagined by the group when it started. 

Today, we celebrate Mike BAMILOYE and his entire family for allowing God to touch lives through them.


Article above developed by #MEN_WHO_INSPIRE


Still celebrating this legend of faith, Esther Ijewere added this to her tweet.


I Stan a man who lived his life purpose and changed lives. Maximum respect to him.


God bless Mike BAMILOYE!

God bless Mount Zion Faith Ministries!

God bless Gospel Drama Ministries at Large!

You can read more about Daddy Mike BAMILOYE by clicking here.You can read more about Daddy Mike BAMILOYE by clicking here.


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