Members of Chef Dammy’s church rain cur€s on her in their WhatsApp group for calling out their Pastor, chats leak (SCREENSHOTS)

chef dammy

Chef Dammy became the talking point in her church’s WhatsApp group as people blasted her for accusing pastor Adegoke Jeremiah of being after her life.

Months after her 120-hour cooking marathon in Ekiti, the young lady shared cryptic messages on Instagram wherein she called out pastor Adegoke and Spirit Word, his church.

After a church member released a video in which he blasted Chef Dammy, chats from Spirit Word’s WhatsApp group, which Dammy appears to be a member of, has surfaced online.

From the chats, the angry church members prayed Chef Dammy and her family perish in poverty as they rained curses on her.

In one voice note, one of them used unkind words on her as they threatened her.

Nigerians have criticised the church over the leaked WhatsApp chats.

Nigerians react to the leaked WhatsApp group messages

omabarbie1 said: “Where is the evidence of them threatening her ? This one’s are new after she came out to accuse her pastor of threat , let’s see the evidence, make this people go rest abeg , na Dollars and pounds rate be my problem not this one’s.”

evelyn____xx said: “Very t0xic church. She needs to even relocate out of that state. I wish someone can sponsor her to a culinary school. See the heaven cvrses coming from them.”

nrindioma said: “This is so much toxicity. “Sometimes it’s better to grow alone than getting helped by certain people, they will want to own & control your life..God help us to have a discerning spirit, sometimes shut some open doors,it’s not all you walk into.”

inumidun_ said: “A place that’s supposed to be the house of God is reigning curses on one of their members, gathering of disillusioned individuals…. Shior.”

mahdiyamohammed said: “You see church and mosque is a secret cult, if you don’t read your Bible or Quran well, you will not really know what religion is really because all your mind will be brainwashed by one pastor or Imam to be doing toxic things. “Now what is this?”

ojeshair said: “I go to church pray and disappear I don’t join groups or know any pastor. I don’t want anybody to know me sef if them begin know me I don change church.”

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