May the troublers of this Nation cease to experience peace – Mike Bamiloye prays for Nigeria

mike bamiloye fuel scacity new naira note

Amidst the furore raised by the hardship that befell the nation ranging from fuel scarcity, inaccessibility to Naira note (both old and new) to mention few, Evang. Mike Bamiloye has raised a altar of prayers for the instigator.

Evang. Mike Bamiloye of Mount Zion Faith Ministries has taken his time to pray for the troublers of the nation Nigeria.

In a length post made by Evang. Mike Bamiloye this morning on Facebook, he raised a voice declaring that every of those who cause and rejoice at the calamities that befall the nation will reap bountifully of the pains and sufferings they initiated.

In Mike Bamiloye’s word;
For All the Troublers of this Nation…
For All Those who feed fat on our Common Wealth…
For All those who Laugh at Our Calamities…

For All Those who Rejoice at Our Troubles…
For All Those who are Clinging Wine Cups while Innocent Bloods are being Splattered….
For All Those who Decides Our Deaths at Banquet Tables….

For All Those who Contested and Won to Accomplish Demonic Agendas….
For All Those who are Consoling with the Bereaved, but are Part of the Causes of the Agony….
For All Those who share the Booties of Our Labours with the Killers of our Heroes….

For All Those who set Fire of Crisis on the Nation the Lord had Blessed….
For All Those fanning the Embers of War in the time of Peace….
For All Those who are comforting their Households as they set the Commoners on Barbecue Grills.

May You All be Paid back
ALL what you Deserve.
May You All Swim in your Tears of the Tribulations you invented!

May you All Dance the Dance of Pains in the Embers of Deaths you invited upon the Land of God!
May you Reap a Bountiful Harvest of Agonies you gleefully Planted.

May The Innocents have the Last Laugh.
May the Righteous Dance the Last Dance.
May the Lord’s Banner be Raised High above this Nation!

May His divine agenda be fully fulfilled!
May the hidden glory of this nation still show to the World.
May our Clothes of Shame be removed before the Committee of Nations!

May the Eagle Fly again! #mikebamiloye