“May God open your eyes to know when you meet the right person” Moses Bliss and his wife pray for singles

In a recent development, gospel singer Moses Bliss and his wife Marie Wiseborn have been spotted praying over the lives of the singles.

In a recent church ceremony captured in a viral video, Moses Bliss is seen praying over the congregants.

However, at some point he felt compelled to pray for the singles. He declared over their lives that single people who were in search of somebody to spend the rest of their lives with would have a clear understanding going forward.

He also revealed that God should open their eyes for them to know and see what is meant for them.

And also prayed for God to open the eyes of every single for them to be able to focus on the important things instead of focusing on the wrong things.

His wife Marie had also been next to him as she further prayed over the singles.

Now recall that a few weeks back, Moses Bliss and his wife Marie Wiseborn had done their wedding in Ghana and it had been a star-studded affair.

They had both looked absolutely gorgeous and in one of the videos they had been able to capture a music video for a particular song that Moses had written for his wife.

However, some netizens had been left perturbed by the ceremony as they revealed that Moses was doing too much.

Other netizens had also taken to slamming the bride for how homely and unfashionably she looks even on her wedding day.