“Marry fine person o”: Video of dad sleeping beside look-alike son stuns viewers


Video of dad sleeping beside look-alike son stuns viewers

On Instagram, an unusual video of a Nigerian infant dozing next to his father has astounded users.

The mother was filming the sweet scene as the father and boy were seen dozing off peacefully.

Netizens astounded by baby’s uncanny resemblance to father The baby’s startling likeness to his father captured the attention of online users, sparking a barrage of comments and reactions.

The baby’s uncanny likeness to his father immediately drew the awe and interest of viewers.

Reaction trailed video of the infant resting next to the father

Social media users had a heated conversation regarding the importance of good looks in judging parent-child likeness in the comments section of the video.

Many emphasized the value of finding a beautiful partner to marry because they thought it would increase the likelihood of producing children who look excellent.

Others poured their love for the baby’s similarity to his father onto the comments section.

@amina_minaah reacted: “Copy and paste.”

@everything_waterbottle said: “The beauty choke.”

@kinky_vee reacted: “To marry fine person dey compulsory oh make dem no dey accuse ur child for stealing if anything who’s missing wowo-ness comes with a lot of baggages. You’ll be looking like a suspect.”

@ifymelo_ said: “So beautiful. But watin two of them dey suuck? The wife bwess go sweet diee be that.”

@commanderr_tom reacted: “What in the copy and paste is this.”

@memes_by_emmy said: “No DNA needed.”

@iamkizitoleo said: “No dna needed.”

@lilian_lianchi said: “Awww, so sweet. See as them fine.”

 Watch the video below:


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