Many would sleep on the same bed with ghosts and spirits tonight – Mike Bamiloye warns those planning to fornicate on Valentine’s Day..

Popular Nigerian actor and evangelist, Mike Bamiloye, has taken to social media to warn single folks celebrating Valentine’s Day against engaging in s€xual immorality.

The filmmaker cautioned that some people will engage in s€xual relations with ghosts and spirits from demonic kingdoms who are after the souls of unsuspecting men and women.

According to him, some people will pollute their destinies and fortunes on the bed of fornication, while others will wake up empty and hollow after a night of pleasure.

In a follow-up post, Mike Bamiloye emphasized that the only lawful s€x that will happen tonight is between legally married couples.

Taking to his Instagram page to sound the warning on Wednesday, February 14, he wrote,


“Many would sleep on the same bed tonight with ghosts and spirits from Demonic kingdoms who had come to make vows and covenants with the sons and daughters of men.

“Blood would flow tonight. Blood shall be exchanged tonight on Covenant Beds.

“Fluids of men shall be submitted tonight in the shrines of the evil kingdom.

“The fortunes and destinies of many young girls and Ladies would end up tonight in Shrines of Money Rituals.

“Destinies and fortunes and Meaningfulness of life shall be polluted this evening and By TOMORROW MORNING, Many shall wake up empty and Shallow and Light.

See previous post below,

NIGHT OF FUN AND DAY OF DEATH. Tomorrow evening is Valentine!

A ‘Night of Fun’, when many men and ladies will slaughter their destinies on the bed of lustful pleasure.

By next morning it is done! Destiny Auctioned to a young man or a lady whose future has been mortgaged to the devil…. Happy Valentine…!

This Evening, the bars will be full of Men who have come to donate their destinies willingly on the Altar of Fornications and Adultery!

Men who have dressed well with expensive Alabaster perfumes to beckon on Ladies whose Glorious futures would be slaughtered on the Altars of Evil.

Demons will also come out of their thick darkness tomorrow evening to celebrate the Valentine with the Daughters of Men!

Mermaids with radiant human flesh Would also come out into the open in dazzling robes and smashing gowns to sleep with Men who had carried Destinies that could heal and save the World!

It is Day of Harvest! Harvest of Seeds of Men by Ladies who are on Contract with the Devil.

Destinies will be slaughtered on the evening! Glories will be shamed that evening! Souls will be sealed to damnation tomorrow Evening!

Blood will mix up in demonic Concoctions on the bed of Lust! This Evening! Happy Valentine!

The only S3X and R0MANC€ that would be lawful tomorrow evening is the one with the Man and Lady you have Married lawfully!

In Matrimony! The Devil has mo Power nor Authority over a Legal holy Matrimony!

But Outside the Wedlock, any affairs are buffet on the Devil’s Dinning!

If Joseph had had a fun with Portiphar’s wife, he would never have got to the palace to see the type of Glory he saw.

He escaped that trap that would have aborted his destiny on which so many lives in Egypt and Canaan land, including the lives of his generation unborn depended upon.

There is a great story in Proverbs 7:6-27. It is a sad story of a young man on his own “Valentine Night”. He had thought he wanted to have a fun that night, he had thought he wanted to enjoy himself, but crashed his future in a night of fun.

Proverbs 7:21-23
21 With her enticing speech she caused him to yield,With her flattering lips she seduced him.
22 Immediately he went after her, as an ox goes to the slaughter, Or as a fool to the correction of the stocks,

23 Till an arrow struck his liver.
As a bird hastens to the snare, He did not know it would cost his life.

Happy Valentine, this Evening !

And Safe Journey to All those who are Journeying to the ABATTOIRS where their Destinies would be Slaughtered on the Lustful Slabs.

May you receive Sense to know that,

Some lives shall never remain the same after the Sexual Parties!


But the Way of Wisdom is the Way of God, and to Preserve your Soul is to avoid the Evil way and Resist the Tempting Offers.

Don’t wreck your Soul on Val’s Day or Any day before or After it!

Preserve Your Destiny for His Purpose!