Man overjoyed as teenage panel beater he sponsored to school takes 1st position.

A kind Nigerian man recounts how he sponsored the education of a teenage panel beater as the brilliant boy bags first place in his class.

The man identified on Twitter as @PrinceCokers said that he had seen the boy several times at the mechanic shop during school hours.

On a particular day, he was driven to ask why the boy wasn’t in school like his peers and the boy’s boss said that his parents couldn’t afford the school fees.

Prince Coker said that he inquired of the boy whether he would like to be in school like his mates and the boy’s eyes watered with happiness.

He arranged with the panel beater to find a school for the boy.

Couple of days later, the bill was sent to him and he paid in full.

It was a joyous moment for him when the boy graduated as the best student in his class.

@PrinceCoker wrote…

“There was a certain panel beater near my office, each time I passed through his shop, I always saw a certain boy working with him.

One day, I went to him to ask why the boy was not in the school while his mates were.

His said that, the boy’s parent did not have the capacity to send him to school.

I was sad.

I asked from the boy if he would like to go to school. He said yes while his eyes were watery.

I could sense he was in the place he did not want to be but the financial circumstance of his parents left him with no option.

So I told the panel to look for a school around and send me the bill.

We also agreed that, the boy would go to school in the morning and resume at the panel shop in the afternoon.

So, they found school later and sent me the bill.

I took it upon myself and paid all. I started financing his education for a long time now even when my own business was doing somehow.

I just thank God today, my joy was made FULL as he graduated as the best student among his mates.

He scored highest and was 1st position.

Here is my boy balling! ”

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