Man enraged as girlfriend allegedly buys latest iPhone with N1.6M he saved in her account

A young woman is accused of using the 1.6 million naira her boyfriend had saved in her bank account to purchase a brand-new iPhone for herself.

The young man who goes by the name of Emmanuel allegedly saved the money in his girlfriend’s account with the idea of using it to establish a washing company, only for her to use it to purchase a phone.

In an effort to confront her, the man came to her home with media celebrity and content creator MC Reality

In her defense, the woman claimed that she had opted to spend the money to purchase the phone in anticipation of receiving some cash from Canada, with the idea of replacing it later.

The man was enraged at his girlfriend and kept shouting furiously at her while pacing back and forth.

He seized the expensive gadget from the girl and warned her not to come for it.

Watch the video below …