Man dumps fiancée for renting ‘big car’ for him to visit her parents for introduction

A Nigerian woman turned to social media to ask for advice after her fiance left her as a result of a suggestion she made that he did not find acceptable.

She said that they were getting ready for the introduction, and she suggested that he rent a Venza to take to her parents’ house for the rituals.

The 26-year-old woman claims that he owns a Toyota Matrix. She dislikes the vehicle, so she assumed that he would have made more money and purchased a new vehicle prior to D-Day.

When that didn’t materialize, she made the unannounced decision to rent the Venza for N100k for 24 hours on his behalf.

He was upset when she told him what she had done with the money after she used it as a down payment to prepare the meal for the introduction.

He broke things off by sending her a message that said, “I am done,” but the woman wasn’t sure if she had done anything wrong.

She wrote; “I want to know if it’s wrong to ask my fiancée to rent a car before coming for my introduction. He has a car but it’s Toyota matrix. He gave me but I didn’t collect it cos I don’t like it. I thought he was going to hustle to get us a new one before the intro. He is working, So i made inquiries for (rental) Venza.

It’s 100k for 24hrs which is a bit reasonable. already made deposit from the money he gave me for cooking of food for intro and my clothes. He sent this “I am done” is this how men make hasty decisions? I am 26 years old, waiting for service.”