Man cries out in video as pregnant wife makes him do barbecue meat by midnight

A man cried out after his wife made him prepare barbecue meat by midnight to satisfy her pregnancy craving.

While appearing to throw a tantrum as his wife videoed him, the man protested her directive as he made the meat in an open space.

He described her demands as torture and abuse, lamenting that it was all because he put his seed in her.

The man jocularly advised men to think twice before impregnating any woman and learn from his situation.

The woman was in stitches as she defended her cravings and suggested that they make another baby when she delivers the current one.

The funny video went viral, amassing over four million views on TikTok.

Reactions on social media

DavidpDesire said: “At this point he got no choice, as long it’s makes her happy and comfortable I will do even more.”

Elin said: “This reminds me of this guy in a tv show who was obsessed with grilling and would secretly bbq at night when his wife was sleeping.”

Cyrella Nesh said: “This is very real,and when it’s there,the appetite and craving disappears.”

CHEF DEE said: “Lady Samatha praises to you . They should take care of the baby.”

Yoyoh Tonnia Makwangwara said: “Are you not the one who was jumping up and down with excitement? That’s the result I love this.”

BS K329 said: “By the time the meat is cooked Samantha will be asking for pumpkin leaves instead.” Tlhogi Villa Leseted said: “Samantha must just give birth already so much torture …. it’s sweet thou.”

Tersia003 said: “No Guys, we need to rescue this man . He’s in trouble.”

Watch the video below:


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