Man cries out as dog chews his international passport days before his wedding in Italy (Video).

An engaged couple’s wedding has been in stake after their one year-and-a-half-old Golden Retriever dog named Chickie chewed up the man’s international passport days before his wedding in Italy.

According to New York post, the man, Donato Frattaroli, from South Boston, USA, revealed that he and his fiancé had gone to city hall to fill out their marriage forms on Thursday, just days ahead of their scheduled Aug. 31 ceremony.

Hours later, they returned to their home only to found that Chickie had eaten through multiple pages of Frattoroli’s passport.

The groom-to-be said if he can not secure a passport before the flight, he will stay at home while his fiancé and their wedding guests go to Italy without him.

If he still can not get a passport in time for the wedding, he said he will just meet the wedding party when they return to the US. The couple are scheduled to fly out to Italy on Friday, August 25.

Watch the video below: