Man allegedly loses his job in UK after fellow Nigerian records him sleeping on duty, sends video to supervisor

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A Nigerian guy working as a care provider in the UK was fired after a fellow Nigerian coworker caught him dozing off during work hours and shared the proof with their boss.


The event occurred when a Nigerian coworker spotted her colleague, a care worker, asleep on the job.


Shocked by his disdain for his duties, she quietly filmed the incident and quickly conveyed it to their supervisor, resulting in the staff member’s dismissal.


Another individual living in the UK who was privy to the information released an account of the occurrence on social media.


According to this witness, the care worker was called in by his supervisor after the video evidence had been reviewed.

Unaware that the superior was referring to him, the employee was asked what he would do if he were to discover that a staff member consistently slept during their office hours.


Without realizing the situation, the care worker confidently declared that he would promptly terminate the employment of the slumbering staff member.


Unfortunately for him, his supervisor then revealed that the said staff member was none other than himself, leading to his immediate termination.

See video below


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