“Making quality movies requires immense sacrifice” – Kayode Babalola says as he encourages viewers to support gospel drama ministers

Kayode Babalola, a prominent figure in gospel film industry, has called for assistance and encouragement for those involved in creating gospel films.

In a recent Facebook post, Babalola highlighted the immense sacrifice and dedication required to produce quality movies, emphasizing the challenges faced by producers, cast, and crew members.

Kayode Babalola further emphasized the importance of subscribing to YouTube channels to show support for these hardworking individuals who are dedicated to spreading the word of God through their art.

In his words;

“Pray for drama ministers And Gospel filmmakers today.

Support gospel film makers today. Every Gospel film you see is a mixture of sweat, money and blood and lots and lots and lots of sacrifice.

Sacrifice from the producer. Sacrifice from cast and crew. We do this day in day out because we believe it is a call and faithful is He that has called us.

It takes a lot to make a movie. It take a whole lot to make a good movie. It takes a whole lot more to make a very good movie.

Subscribe to as many YouTube channels as you can- it is free.

Sow seeds of prayer and money into as many drama ministries as you can. Keep encouraging us as we keep working to improve in our craft and get better and better at what we do.

This is not a beggarly post And this message is not for everybody.”

Editors note:

It is time to rally together and show our appreciation for the efforts of gospel filmmakers and drama ministers. Let’s keep them in our thoughts and prayers and extend a helping hand wherever possible. Support gospel filmmakers today!