Lucifer Drama Series: Joshua Mike Bamiloye Faces Online Counterattacks

Joshua Mike Bamiloye (gospel films)

It wasn’t funny on Monday, 14th of May, 2019 when Joshua Mike Bamiloye the second son of the popular gospel drama minister shared his thought on a popular series plainly showing some of what constitutes the devil. The trending tweet with 1,200retweets and over 2,000likes at the time of filing this report Wednesday has attracted mixed reactions on social media.

His Tweet:
“There’s a show Called LUCIFER Azin the devil o lol And you, Knowing how captivating foreign series can be, You still watch. Now you LOVE the character; Lucifer, Like Jack Bauer. And somehow you think, the devil isn’t winning your soul over…”

What Joshua was anticipating from many of his followers on twitter was denied as the post above twitted by him attracted many rejoinders from different perspectives.

Read some of the replies below:

Lmao abeggggggiiiiii your father made Ide Èṣù and various movies. Rest

Last I checked, Lucifer is the name given to the bearer by God meaning Bringer of Light.. How you act with your name is your own concern, just like Joshua could be the name of someone killing innocent people daily or he could be the person that helps alot.. Learn..

1st time I accidentally watched the show, the whole room felt dark I became uncomfortable and left the room till I later came back and asked for the show to be changed. The devil is not even subtle anymore…

Let he that thinketh he standeth, stand well, least he falleth…

Many of u take TV series infact movies to seriously…. Why do u even want to watch a movie with deep understanding?… What happened to watching it at d moment with an open mind and feel relaxed and enjoy d movie….after den u forget about it nd continue life.
Do research on the show before you start chatting shit. Rest

Religion; Always trying to limit your knowledge.

Now I reeeeaaally want to watch the show LUCIFER!

Lucifer means “Bearer of Light” We mustn’t attach too much to simple series

It’s a hilarious and genius show. Trust me, mount Zion films feel more satanic than the show. Watch it.

Good… Let me go and start watching it

Lol Watch and enjoy the show baba It isn’t bad I’ve been watching for 4 years and it hasn’t changed my perception about the devil.

What most people don’t know is that your mind/heart control your actions. It creates thought and if not controlled bring disaster Luke 6:45. You get your mind polluted/arrested by what you watch, listen to & read. Guide your mind & heart, and don’t be a fool. Stand fast!

A lot of people don’t know this!!! Our eyes are gates to our soul!!!!

However, at the time of filing this report, Joshua is not ready to take down his post rather reinforcing his reason for posting such which read:

“This tweet really exposes how bad things have gotten. Satan is far more smarter than we think. It’s not just sitting around waiting for rapture to happen. He’s turning as many hearts as he can to himself using MOSTLY the media. It’s the easiest most subtle way for him”

Despite Vanguard and punch making this a headline. He again tweet:

“Brethren… we are on punch newspaper
I’m really glad these blogs and news outlets put this out there. The more people are aware of things like this, the better. As a Christian, BACKLASH IS SWEET WHEN THE TRUTH IS THE REASON
. Never shy away from speaking the


Published By: Ifeoluwa ORISAKAHUNSI
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