Love of money shortened my days on earth: Nigerian man who has few days left

A Nigerian man identified as @tobenna_billaboy on TikTok has narrated his sad ordeal after getting addicted to money.

In a recent video on TikTok, the heartbroken young man revealed to netizens that he has just a few days left to live.

According to him, the love of money shortened his days on earth, and he advised people not to tread on the same path.

He went ahead to plead with netizens to pray for him while noting that he would never make same mistake in his next life.

“Don’t let the love of money shorten your days on earth. I won’t make the same mistake I made in my next life. Few days left, I’d miss you all. Pray for me y’all.”

Social media reactions

@louisteddy02 said; “With your heart broken and sincere ask for his forgiveness and everything will be fine. Our God is a merciful father. Go to him dear.”

@loveope7 stated; “Believe in god I think that the best thing to do you see people are just saying there own but we don’t know what was written in our destiny.”

@shalombright77 said; “It’s sad but you know there’s an impossible specialist. All you need to do is acknowledge him.”

@t.wise17 said; “Ask God for forgiveness and see the alfa in your area to put you through. Indeed God is the most merciful one.” @tabitha595 added; “God is merciful he did it for so many people he can do urs as well if you plead for Mercy and Grace.”


Pray for me y’all 🥲💔 #fyp #tiktok #goviral #trending

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Man builds his own grave and plans his burial

Meanwhile, SM had previously reported that a man who dug his own grave while still alive has opened up that he did it to teach people a lesson.

Afrimax gave a detailed narration of the comprehensive plans the man already put in place for his future burial.

Apart from digging his own grave, he already got people who will mourn and dance for him as well as someone who will salute his corpse. In his plans, he has also finalised the clothes he will be buried in.

He learnt from the man’s story that people love the dead more than the living. The old man’s story goes that he lived in abject poverty despite having children abroad.

Upon his demise, those children who refused to care for him returned and built a beautiful place.

While alive, he lived in an old house, starved and wore dirty clothes.

The unidentified man who planned his future burial said he hopes to teach people to love and care for others as well as their parents while they yet live.