Looks so painful: Lady flaunts new hairstyle in viral video

A viral video shared on TikTok app captures a pretty lady showing off her new hairstyle.

The black woman was evidently happy about her new hair as she smiled excitedly while making a video of herself.

However, some netizens condemned the hairstyle, stating that it looked too tight and her scalp was no longer visible.

The male hairdresser made sure to tighten the hair to the lady’s taste, as she filmed herself while hailing her stylist.

Social media reactions

@Claudia Arthur commented: “Why did you do this to mummy.” @Wanda Medias Mdekazi reacted: “As long she is happy.”

@Sey-Blinks: “Nice but I can feel the pain on her behalf. hmm.” @natsie105 wrote: “How is she going to scratch her scalp.”

@Pat pat 247 said: “This stylist will never make it to heaven.”

@BK replied: “I wouldn’t be able to sleep for 40 days and 40 nights.”

@Ehfyah Kate added: “I feeling pain for her and seeing how she is happy aww I love you mummy.”

@user3272581008592 commented: “The hairdo my God just for a sec I thought she’s happy with it.”

@Taheera added: “This one pass hairstylist na carpenter be this.”

@Maria said: “My head hurt for her.”

@Ujunwa _offical wrote: “Sha na the hair bend abi na the woman bend.”

Watch the video below:


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