Go with him: Little boy sheds tears as elder sister gets married in cute (video)

"Go with him": Little boy sheds tears as elder sister gets married in cute

Dressed cutely in native wear and a cap called taqiyah, the boy held onto his elder sister.

The bride on the other hand tried to comfort him and wiped tears off his face with her palms.

A man in the background noticed the bride almost wept and cautioned her not to do so as it will spoil her makeup.

The bride quickly heeded and carefully wiped tears that had already formed in the corner of her eyes.

It was an emotional moment betweenthe two siblings.

Social media reactions

 0780107698 said: “Go with him plz.”
Juli e Luweero said: “Tears are a bad sign,she is gonna cry too much.”

user9776047337754 said: “I nor know where who na for dey see brother and sister when dey cry for who na for who na marriage ,no body cry for my own.”

rabiofficialgh said: “MashaAllah blessings humdulalla it’s important kid brother allow her to settle for u to be proud of her okay.”

SHAMSIYA said: “Aww I know this will happen to me when is my turn cos that our last born don’t joke with me at all.”

sani Kani said: “See this pikin U go marry am ne ? U have chance to visit am.”

Naa Nuerkie said: “Not my brother, that boy wants me to leave my father’s house as soon as possible.”

Watch the video below:


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Man weeps as his sister gets set for her wedding

It was previously reported that a Nigerian man wept as his elder sister prepared for her wedding ceremony.

In a short clip shared on TikTok, the younger sibling of the bride, who was spotted seated behind her, wept like a baby.

The bride also tried to comport herself as she fought back tears. She could be seen wiping the corner of her eyes as tears still found their way out.

The TikToker who shared the clip revealed that the weeping young man is the last born and added that she was really jealous of the sibling’s love.