Life In Vene-Ah Kingdom by Opeyemi Akintunde tells the story of Cassandra and a group of people that found themselves in a strange land after attending a wedding in Benin. The new kingdom has it surprises and mind-blowing experiences. Growing up, Cassandra had heard stories about the kingdom but what she heard was not close to what she saw….

What did she see in Vene-Ah kingdom? What is Vene-Ah kingdom? Life in Vene-Ah kingdom is a must read for all, it brings about sober reflection and self-check, it enlightens you more about what that’s not much talked about here.

Read Life In Vene-Ah Kingdom by Opeyemi Akintunde and be blessed.

Part 1
©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

Vene-Ah ( pronounced as VE-NE-HA) was a kingdom like no other. It’s location was not visible in the world Map, yet it was so large… The technological sophistication was second to none., yet it’s archeological design was anciently beautiful and artistically beyond human reasoning…The daylight there was different, somewhat orangish in color…

“ Where on earth is this place?” I wondered silently…

The means of transportation was different.

Some men were coming towards us. They floated instead of walking.

We were the new batch of travelers who had unknowingly walked into Vene-Ah and we had passed the first test of been checked. From what we were later told, Vene-Ha Kingdom wanted more citizens, so they had an open border policy but the travelers must however be scrutinized.

Fortunately , Unlike most travelers our set of travelers, all qualified to pass through the Vene-Ah ancient gate. We later realized that when a group of travelers found themselves in Vene-Ah, only a few would be permitted into the Kingdom, despite the open border policy.

Precious, the teenage daughter of my boss looked around, wondering where She was, I could see recognition in her eyes as she also knew almost everyone around….

“ Precious…!” Precious turned back and saw Adebanjo as well. He also looked lost!

“ Adebanjo is here too…” Precious thought silently, but from where I stood I could hear her thoughts.

VENE-AH was a transparent land… Everyone could see what the other person was thinking… It would pop out beside them like a transparent screen. I wasn’t thinking or trying to make sense of what I was seeing, rather I was seeing the different screens that were popping out from people…. Precious was thinking about few hours earlier….



“ Your lips are really cuteI cannottttt get over it …” Precious read the chat from Adebanjo…

Adebanjo was the very talented teenager in our church… There had been rumors he was dating Precious..

“Thanks but you should concentrate on other things other than my lips” Precious replied giggling

“ Like?” Adebanjo chatted back

“ Mastering the Lyrics of the song you will be ministering at Aunty Jane’s wedding”

“ I don’t need to rehearse, I am gifted… you know from the womb” Adebanjo replied

Precious kept chatting with Adebanjo on her expensive phone, one of the uncountable gifts people had given her father…

“Thank you Senator, We will leave home immediately …” Precious overheard her father speaking to Senator Alo over the phone…

They were headed for Jane’s wedding. Jane was the Longest serving Church staff, she had been the Church Administrator for years and Likewise she was long overdue for marriage.

She was very popular amongst the church members, so everyone had locked down the weekend to attend her wedding in Benin. It was a 3-4 hours journey from Lagos.

Church members had gone ahead in groups, some had taken buses, while others took their private vehicles. Most of the Church members had arrived safely at Benin the day before.

Lady Joy, the wife of the Reverend wanted them to go by road also , but Reverend insisted he borrowed Senator Alo’s private jet.

“ Honey! I am the General Overseer of the ministry, I have to appear big… and besides I cannot sit in a vehicle for 4 hours, when using the jet will take me an hour maximum “

“ But, some years back it wasn’t an issue… Honey, Pride is beginning to set in, you know right?” Lady Joy had replied

“ This is not pride, if not that Jane is very important to the church, I won’t attend a wedding on Saturday far away in Benin, when you know I have to minister in Church tomorrow”

“ Take a public flight instead, not borrowing someone’s jet” Lady Joy had said…

“ Mum, we should be on our way! Private Jet or no Private Jet, I cannot miss Aunty Jane’s wedding, and this is 7:15 already, wedding starts by 10. Banjo just chatted me up that Aunty Jane’s village is about 25 minutes drive from the town… So I suggest you and Dad forget this whole deliberation..” Precious said standing up….

Precious stopped her thoughts and the screen disappeared…

“ So what happened after then, how did I get into this ancient city?, did we travel back in Time or ahead… “ Precious thought as she swirled round…

That was when I noticed I also was floating like every other person.

My name is Cassandra, and I unknowingly found myself in VENE-HA Kingdom…I never expected what I found there.


Part 2
©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

We all could hear the approaching sound of a crowd charging towards us… On a norm, such approaching sound ought to instill fear but the air of VENE-AH had a soothing effect to it…

“ Sister Cassandra… You are also here!” Sis Ayomide said and I couldn’t help but Chuckle, because I felt it was funny for her to ask if I was there when she could see me…

“ Obviously!” I said with a smile

“ Sure, forgive my way of asking questions… Sister Cassy where are we? I Still can’t place how we got here…” I noticed she tried recollecting some hours earlier…..

“ I remember we were at Sister Jane’s wedding… Yes with my husband, That reminds me, where is Ben?” Sister Ayomide looked around

“We were discussing about…”Ayomide said while trying to wrack her brain,but we were suddenly interrupted by a display in the sky. It looked like a transparent screen. A Man appeared…

“ Helloooo, Welcome to VENE-AH Kingdom, the city that has neither night nor day… its ever bright and fun. I congratulate you for finding your way. I am your Chief Welcomer. Soon, some welcomers will join you to take you to the Welcoming party. You sure will have fun. Eat as much as you want, drink as much as you want, make friends as well….When your welcoming party is over, The residence allocation team will take over from there…Welcome to VENE-AH KINGDOM….”

We saw the welcomers, they looked very pleasant and smiled at us. However, I could tell underneath the smile, some of them were not 100% happy…

As the welcomers drew closer, I saw faintly someone I knew… I wasn’t sure if I was right…

She was amongst the welcomers, she sang sonorously…. In her Song, She paid Homage to the King, Queen & Prince of VENE-AH!

“ Sexy Sasha!” Recognition hit me….
Sister Ayomide also recognized her among the crowd…

“is that not Sexy Sasha?” She thought to herself. Obviously the lady heard us from where she was, she turned and looked at us both as she continued her song…. She sang with joy but beneath was a little pain….

As we floated through the Kingdom behind the welcomers, I saw people’s screen popping out… They were thinking about how they got to VENE-AH….


Ayomide was fuming at Jane’s wedding, Ben sat close to her…

“ You are creating a scene!” Ben said

“ How?, I am just seating here!”

“ It is obvious you are angry… everyone can see it.”

“ I still don’t understand why she must follow us in our vehicle anytime we are going for a function, there are 1001 other members Atinuke can go with, but no she prefers our car and all through the journey, anytime you crack a joke, she laughs so hard she hits your shoulder countless times, but when I crack a joke, she just gives the “ He he he” laughter and that’s it….”

“ Is this about Atinuke again?, Babe … there is nothing going on between Atinuke and I… I don’t have feelings for her!” Ben whispered

“ But I hope you have realized She is in love with you?”