Part 9
©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

I couldn’t see where Timileyin’s mother was Allocated in Vene-ah, because she and the Prince went far from where we were.

“ AdeBanjo you have been allocated to the Rejected Babies Court. You are to have a wonderful time getting to know babies. If only you had worked hard enough in REATH and evangelized, you may have gotten a better allocation, but you killed three powerful babies and never saved any life!” The allocator said…

“ Cassy, you know abortion is murder, what the allocator is saying is if only he had preached and saved 3 souls, it would have cancelled what he did… !” Aunty Gold said to me

“Hmm… !” Was all I could say…

How Funny Vene-ah was …. Adebanjo didn’t want children on earth, now he had to live amongst rejected babies for eternity, more like a nanny!

“ Thank you! At least it is better than anywhere in hell!” Adebanjo said smiling but with that little look of regret…

Suddenly, the whole place trembled and silence followed…. Thick silence! Then a very large cloud-like personality with Fire all around Him started moving towards Vene-ah gate in a hurry, followed by innumerable Angel-like clouds on cloud horses….

I wondered what was happening…

“That is the King! He appears in different forms. Remember when he led the Israelites by the pillar of cloud and fire!

“ Yes!” I remembered “ So where is He going in a hurry and in fury?”

“ To defend His very own… You see there were a lot of things that we didn’t know when we were back in REATH, the thing is, whenever evil is coming towards us, one’s level of spirituality will determine the level of defense one will receive. So, In this case, who ever this person is, He/ She must be very close to the KING to have made Him rise from His throne…”

I was awed at the level of God’s love… and like a flash I remembered a passage of the scripture I had stumbled on some days earlier….

“When the High God gave the nations their stake, gave them their place on Earth, He put each of the peoples within boundaries under the care of divine guardians( Angels). But God himself took charge of his people, took Jacob on as his personal concern.” Deuteronomy 32:7-9 MSG

That day back in REATH, I had ruminated over that scripture. From what I read, I understood that God assigned an angel to each country, but IsreAl was His personal country… He was the one looking over the nation…

What I saw made that scripture very clear to me… God was personally on his way to fight the battle of this person…

“Hmm… If only I had known that secret on time, I would have prayed my way into God’s heart, so that He can make me His personal Concern…” I reasoned silently

“Well, prayer is just one of the things you could have done, but more importantly to get that kind of Personal care from the KING, it must be a deliberate effort from you, you must have had a deep relationship with Him… Very Deep!” Aunty Gold said

We all kept looking wondering who this Special Person was….

Like an answer to my Question, I saw what was happening on a transparent Screen… We all looked towards it….


A Woman was in labor… she was sweating profusely. She was crying and calling God’s name…. We could see a dirty looking creature sitting on her stomach unseen by the human eyes…

“ My Father, My Father, you were the one who parted the Red Sea. The Red Sea saw you coming with your people and the sea on its own gave way… God, make a way in me now and let the baby come out in Jesus name!”

Her troubled Husband was talking to a nurse…

“ Sir, your wife’s labor is not progressing!” Said the nurse.

“ I don’t understand what that means, this is our first baby!”

“ In simple terms, your wife is not dilating, her cervix is not opening, even though she is in labor, in essence, the baby can not come out!” the nurse said

“ Can’t you do an emergency Caesarian operation!” The troubled Husband asked…

“ The Medical director is not around, he is the only one who can do the operation…” the nurse replied…

Just then I saw the dark cloud all over the room…. Terrible looking creatures filled the room…..

At that point the King Was coming as a cloud over the Hospital… For Humans in REATH land, they would have just seen a moving cloud….

The moment the creatures sensed the Presence of the KING, they left the labor room in a rush….

The King became a cloud of protection over the hospital and in few minutes , the woman put to bed!

Followed was a melodious shout of Halleluya in VENE-AH. It was the most beautiful sound I have ever heard in my life… It was beautiful ….

I wondered if the KING had not appeared at that hospital, the poor woman would have died, and the people in REATH land would have thought of it as one of those things. They would have said she died as a result of prolonged labor…

In the twinkling of an eye, the KING and his warriors returned to VENE-AH.


Part 10
©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

As the King disappeared, the Allocation Man continued…

“ Precious, Step forward” it was Funny in Vene-Ah, there was no need for surnames, the moment your name was called, you instantly knew you were the one referred to, regardless of the number of those bearing the same name.

Precious the daughter of my General Overseer stepped forward… I believed her verdict was going to be similar to Adebanjo since they were both deep in the sin of Immorality and she had even aborted for him…

“ You were raised in the way of the Lord, you had no excuse to love the things of the world, but that was what you loved most. Daily, you would sit with your phone and travel into immoral lands and pits…” I wondered what immoral lands and pits meant but the screen showed it…


Precious was with her phone on her bed…She was opening different pornography sites, watching different S€x oriented movies for hours…

“With the 15 years you spent in REATH, you did nothing valuable for the Kingdom, you were asked to join the teenage Chior group on several occasions but you declined. You felt you were too classy to join them”

As the allocator spoke, I was suddenly fearful about what her portion would be….

“For your last minute repentance before your withdrawal from REATH land, you got a slim privilege of coming into VENE-AH. You have been allocated to the commoners court.You also have the duty of caring for the Rejected Babies. Also for the Songs you felt too ashamed to sing back in REATH, you will always sing praises here in VENE-AH magnifying the King of all Kings…”

“ That was what happened to Idiopemipo!” Aunty Gold said to me

“ Idiopemipo?” I asked

“ Yes, S€xy Sasha as she was referred to back in REATH”

“ Oh! “

“ She refused to sing praises to the Father while in REATH, now she does nothing here but to sing… She had over 1,000 songs God had put in her for the world, but she didn’t release any one…!” Aunty Gold said

“ So I have to sing them here… “ S€xy Sasha said from behind us.

“There is Nothing the King gives to us, that should return to him without fulfilling the purpose for which it was sent…I was sent to praise the King in REATH, I was created to make the King more known in VENE-AH, but I failed, I was meant to use the songs to entertain His people in VENE-AH, but instead I sang songs that drew men farther from Him….” S€xy Sasha said as she joined Aunty Gold and I.

The Allocation was still ongoing but I didn’t pay attention to it anymore. I wanted to know how she made heaven. We had been told she died while trying to raise a rebellion against an upcoming pastor, Pastor Sukki.

“ You want to know how I ended here…” S€xy Sasha said to me smiling as she had obviously heard my inner thoughts

I nodded

“ I was already condemned and the King had casted me away from His Presence But the Son rose up to my defense, apparently before taking my last breath in REATH Land, I was privileged to speak to Jesus …


Idiopemipo was typing a comment on her social media page about Pastor Sukki, and Oba was trying to make a phone call, when the accident happened suddenly. As the vehicle was somersaulting, Ope started shouting…

“ Jesus!, Jesus! Please forgive me and save me! I am sorry for all the wrongs I have done… I repent of all my sins… from now you are my lord and Saviour!”

And the crash!

“ And That was my saving Grace!” S€xy Sasha said to me

“ That’s why I am part of the welcomers, although I wish I had been smarter on earth, living my life for God, even when it was not popular…All the wealth I gathered on earth could not buy me a first class apartment in Heaven… Has Gold shown you her apartment?” S€xy Sasha asked

I didn’t have to reply as she heard my reply loud and clear without me even voicing it.

“ You should see her apartment and you would understand what I have missed!” S€xy Sasha said as she floated away….I could see why I saw the little pain on her face earlier…

I understood the pain of getting to heaven and suddenly you realize, earth was just a temporary place where you did wrong things that made heaven your final home, a place where you would be managing life.