Part 5
©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

“Cassy! You made it! Thank you Father!”

I heard someone call my name from behind, I was trying to get a taste of a delicious looking cone like fruit. It was purple and pink in color… I had never seen that kind of fruit before…

I turned back with the fruit in my hand, but I almost dropped the fruit in my hand when I saw who called my name.

“ Aunty Gold!” I said in Joy!

I remembered her. Way back as a child, she was one of those teenagers that loved God, She loved telling us Bible stories in a dramatic way. She was the daughter of a popular marriage Counselor, Mrs Betty. She had a younger sister Emerald and I heard they later had a baby brother Diamond.

We had received the shocking news of her death in the children’s class one sunday. Our teacher had told us Jesus wanted her to come back home early, but as I grew older, I found out she was a Sickle Cell patient….

“ Aunty Gold!” I said again…

“ Now tell me who looks like the Aunty here?” She said jokingly. Her reason for saying So was obvious… She died as a teenager , so she still had the form of a teenager, while I obviously left planet earth in my adult form….

“ You can say that again!” I said very happy…

“ You will love that!” She said pointing to the cone shaped fruit in my hand… “Try it!”

“ Aunty Gold I need to ask… Is this Heaven?”

“ Well, where did you think I would end up?

“ Heaven Of course!”

“ And which other kingdom can be this beautiful, beating the architectural awesomeness of any other place you have seen…!”

“ Only Heaven can be this beautiful! You can literally touch the beauty!” I said beaming with smiles… “ But, Aunty Gold, I have been seeing a lot of strange things …”

“ Like War animals, Magnificent Angels….?” She said laughing

“ No, none of that, but other things like seeing Chronic unbelievers here, like eating… A preacher once told me there won’t be eating and drinking in heaven!”

“ Really? Where did the Israelites’ manna drop from?”

“ Heaven!” I replied

“ So?” Aunty Gold teased

“ Oh I get! Manna is one of the food from Heaven, and the Israelites had a taste of it….” I said laughing and something mysterious happened, the multicolored flowers beside me laughed….

“ The flowers laugh?”

“ They talk as well, Cassy… you still have a lot to see before your allocation … Come along!”

I followed Aunty Gold as she introduced me to some of her friends, I didn’t know any of them, they were of different colour, ethnicity, age. I even saw a talking toddler. I really wanted to punch myself and tell myself this was all a dream, but everything felt so real…

“ There were a lot of things most of our preachers got wrong while we were back in REATH LAND, they preached more about LEHL KINGDOM ….” A woman who had the British accent spoke

“ As a way of convincing people to stay faithful to the Royal Trinity! Using Fear as a tool of evangelism!” A man replied

“ Which was totally wrong… They were preaching the Fear of LEHL KINGDOM rather than the Love for VENE-AH Kingdom…” Aunty Gold said, but I knew at that moment LEHL meant HELL, VENE-AH meant HEAVEN and REATH was probably EARTH.

“ Too many misconceptions, too many messages about LEHL, too many terrible descriptions of LEHL KINGDOM, but few descriptions about how exotically beautiful, Joyful, fulfilling this Kingdom is…”

I cautiously took a bite of the cone Shaped fruit…

Oh my Goodness!, it tasted like honey mixed with Icecream, milk and banana flavor and yet another taste I couldn’t identify… I literally wanted to collapse in pure joy….

“ Why didn’t anyone ever tell us this amazing facts about Heaven! they only told us there will be Gold streets and we will be singing Halleluya all day… They told us there won’t be hunger and thirst in Heaven!” I cried out in my heart

“ Yes, there won’t be hunger and thirst not because of the absence of food but for the surplus of it….” Aunty Gold said obviously hearing my thoughts

“ And I hear we haven’t seen the best of it…” A Lady said

“ Really?” I asked

“ The banquet with the bridegroom…” Aunty Gold said…

If only, I had seen a glimpse of how Heaven looked like or if the preachers had painted a picture close to what it would look like, maybe I would have been a better evangelist. I was one of those who preached

“ Repent or else you go to Hell Fire!” A little bit of pain and regret set in, as I wished I had preached better… I could have advertised Heaven. I could have said this while preaching…

“ Repent and enjoy a life of bliss with God in His Heavenly Kingdom. A kingdom of unexplainable beauty, a place of fun and so on…”

All these were going through my mind, as I watched people catching up with old friends, relatives, co workers, earthly celebrities, fans, when another man appeared on the transparent screen….

“ Hello Everyone, I believe you have been having a wonderful time, now it is time for your allocation in VENE-AH… “

Aunty Gold, looked at me and smiled…

“ Cassy, Anywhere you get allocated to is a billion times better than a lifetime in LEHL…. I hope you make it to my vicinity…”

“ I hope to…”

“ Reverend John Asile, please step forward” I heard the man who appeared on the Transparent screen say to my General Overseer. They were obviously starting from the greatest to the least!


Part 6
©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

Reverend Stepped forward. He was instructed to step on a platform in form of a human foot. The texture of the platform looked like a piece of cloud. Mere looking at it, it looked very soft like cotton wool, but surprisingly when Reverend stepped on it, it seem very hard.

A white light in form of a scanner passed through him, from his toe upward. As the scanner started from his toes, his life from childhood flashed before our eyes. His almost 65 years flashed before us in a twinkling of an eye.

The amazing thing was that even though his life flashed before us in seconds, we could understand and tell all that happened to him from childhood.

Also I noticed there was a scale-like bottle with blue liquid standing erect beside him. When ever, his ways were upright, the blue liquid shot up, but when he did unrighteously, the liquid is drained by an invisible force.

I was able to see that my General Overseer, Reverend was a Chronic Wife beater, despite all his service for the Lord that earned him a military uniform, he tore the apparel by himself.

Around 35 years of age, We saw that an Angel gave him a military apparel , which he saw in his dream…

That age was when he started the ministry. As he grew in ministry, he was getting medals on his Uniform.

However, the moment he started beating his wife, around age 48 he was losing his medals and his uniform was becoming rumpled… Pride set in as his ministry was growing and his wife became inconsequential to him. We watched how he would slap her in private and praise her in public…

Little did Reverend know that Spiritually the moment he got married to Lady Joy, She had been fused into him, so as he was beating her physically, he was beating and manhandling himself Spiritually….

As he was beating his wife, we saw him in the Spiritual realm beating himself.

“ Reverend John Asile, you ought to be allocated to the Court of the valiant Soldiers of the cross, but for your toughness on your spouse which led to your apparel been tattered and not decorated, you are unqualified to stay amongst the valiant soldiers, you are therefore allocated to the Commoners Village. A self service Cubicle has been made available for you! Enjoy your stay!”

“ What? despite everything I have done for the gospel!” Reverend replied

“ Exactly! One of your problems! Pride! Your being here is actually a product of Mercy… Your misbehaviors are too much to mention, but for your past efforts in bringing many to the Kingdom, The KING had to give you the opportunity to have that last repentance in the car before you were called up…”

We saw the transparent screen showing Reverend’s last minutes…

He was seated in Pastor Mathew’s Vehicle, with Lady Joy and Precious.

A transparent water like figure appeared beside him…

“ That is the One called the Queen of this Kingdom!” Aunty Gold whispered to me…

“ Who?” I asked

“ The HolySpirit!, the person of the HolySpirit has a Feminine nature, the nature of comforting and leading us aright the way a mother would do!” Aunty Gold said…

“ Oh!” I was beginning to understand VENE-AH Kingdom….

KING was definitely God the Father



Hmmm… they were the ROYAL TRINITY!

I looked back at the screen to see how Reverend got saved at the last minute….

Reverend heard the voice of the transparent figure…

“ Was That necessary?, you slapping your wife again will definitely not go down well with God….”

Reverend bows his head in shame….

“ God forgive me for hitting Joy again, please forgive me… Also take away this sin of pride if truly I am becoming proud” Reverend was sober


“ That was your saving grace!” Said the Allocation Man … “ And as you have rightly preached on several occasions from Romans 2:6 that “God will give to each person according to what he has done” that is exactly what is happening, Reverend besides you also know the Scripture Romans 2:11 “For God Does not show Favoritism “

“ Reverend, you should be grateful you rededicated your life at the last minute.” The Allocator said with a smile.

What I saw Next Amazed me….

A giant gate was opened and two very Mighty Angels Flew towards Reverend….

“ Shall we?” Said one of the Angels

Reverend nodded as he floated with them towards his abode…. It was a small cubicle like a cell house on a large piece of land… It seem like a large building was there initially but had been pulled down and a new cubicle placed there…

I saw a bit of Regret in his eyes…

At that point I understood why I saw a bit of regret in S€xy Sasha’s face. It was possible she was also saved at the last minute… but I wondered what her allocation was….

“ S€xy Sasha’s allocation?” Aunty Gold said obviously hearing my inner thoughts….

I nodded….

“ I pray and hope that’s not where you end up in VENE-AH… You will see what it looks like soon…” Aunty Gold said …

And Indeed I saw what it looked like when the next person was called and allocated….

“IFAKOLADE, please step forward…”

I didn’t know who he was, never met him before. Apparently he also just died in REATH land…