Part 3
©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

“Stop it Ayomide, Stop it!” Ben said raising his voice, this however brought about different stares…

“Raising your voice in public! Wow… that’s a new one!” Ayomide said looking at Ben obviously surprised at his outburst.

Ben stood up instead and walked away. Ayomide saw Atinuke’s look from where she sat. Ayomide felt like walking up to her and creating a scene, but the timely touch of Adebisi her friend stopped her movement…

“ It’s not worth it…”Adebisi whispered

“ I need to speak some sense into her”

“ And get the blame for disrupting Jane’s wedding?”

“ What does she want? For goodness sake she is married…” Ayomide said looking very frustrated.


“ Sister Ayomide, You are also here…!” Atinuke said to Ayomide on seeing her at VENE-AH…. Atinuke Floated towards Ayomide and I.

“Well, That is obvious!” Ayomide said

“ I am sorry for everything that has been happening between your husband and I . I don’t know if he told you, after he walked out on you, I did the needful…” Atinuke said

I decided to leave them to settle their scores but I couldn’t help but see Atinuke’s screen popping up…


Ben walked away from Ayomide to ease off his anger. Few minutes later, Atinuke joined him…

“ We need to stop this!” Atinuke said to Ben

“ Stop what?” Ben asked with a mischievous grin

“ Stop what we are doing, we are hurting our partners!”

“ Your Husband doesn’t suspect a thing, or does he?”

“ No… he believes my closeness with you is because of the ushering team, besides he is too busy as the General Overseer’s right hand man to know or care if the Head Of the Ushering team is sl€€ping with his wife!” Ayomide said very frustrated

“ Exactly, That is what I want Ayomide to understand,” he said sarcastically “it is not out of the ordinary for the Head and assistant of the Ushering team to be veryyyyy close…”

“ Stop it Ben, be serious for once!”

“ I am serious, and I seriously want to look for a motel in this village where I can usher you into the Presence of the Lord…” Ben said smiling

“ It’s Over Ben, I have sinned against my God and my husband… It’s over…” Atinuke said walking away from Ben….

Atinuke returns to her car…

“ God I am sorry for what has been going on with Ben, please forgive me, I promise not to go back to it… it is over between us, I promise you Lord…”

The pop-up screen shuts down, as Atinuke tried explaining to Ayomide.

I was beyond mortified… Sister Atinuke and Brother Ben were committing adultery!

I saw Pastor Mathew’s screen popping up and I decided to feed my curiosity. I remembered he came late for the wedding. He joined us at the reception…His wife Sister Tinu had gone ahead with the hospitality unit, a day before the wedding. Sis Tinu told us her husband had gone to his hometown to give his parents a few things…


“ I have to leave” Pastor Mathew was saying to a lady

“ Stay a while, please!” The Lady pleaded

“ Alade, stay with your wife and children, Rolayo has been complaining about how you have turned the twice in a month visitation to once… this was not the agreement “ an elderly woman said

“ Mother, I am sorry, you know I have to be careful so Tinu does not find out about them!”

“ So? I think it is about time she actually found out, you are not going to be the first man to have two wives..”the elderly woman said

“ Mother, I am not just any man, I am an associate senior pastor in a holiness preaching church”

“ Sorry pastor oooo!” The elderly woman said sarcastically…

Pastor walked towards his car angrily, the wife ran after him….

“ Rolayo, I am sorry for doing this to you, but I don’t think I can do this anymore….”

Pastor Mathew zoomed off with tears rolling down his eyes….

“ God, I am sorry for this double life I am living, please forgive me…. Please Lord, I promise to tell Tinu about this today and settle Rolayo and her children!”

I looked away from Pastor Mathew’s screen, i couldn’t believe what I Just saw, Tongue speaking, fire brand Assistant Senior Pastor Mathew had two wives….


Sister Atinuke and Brother Ben were committing adultery…..

Where was this city that was revealing everyone’s hidden sin?

We eventually got to the Welcoming party and I stood still at the beauty of the food and drinks lined up…Never before seen meals of different colors… Amazing doesn’t do justice to the beauty I saw….

The only word that could come close to describing what I saw was Heaven!, but I felt VENE-AH could not be heaven because sinners like Atinuke, S€xy Sasha, Pastor Mathew had no place in heaven…

That was my conclusion or was I wrong?


Part 4
©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

“ We have three major courts in VENE-AH and that determines where you will be during the Welcoming party.” One of the Welcomers said to us, but his face looked very familiar….

“ MJ! MJ… the popular hip hop musician, MELVIN JOHNSON who died many years back!” I reasoned but this got me more confused. How come I was seeing dead people and some of the people who we attended the wedding together in VENE-AH” I marveled quietly…

“But what happened, Are we all dead?…. Was this the land of the dead or Heaven or Hell? I wondered silently but as usual my thoughts were transparent….

M.J replied “All your questions will be answered very soon.

M.J Was all smiles, the joy on his face was unexplainable, but if this was heaven M.J also ought not be here. From what we knew back on earth, he died a sinner. He was one of those musicians we were told sold their souls to the devil for fame, and could never make heaven…

Again M.J heard my thoughts and he replied with that smile of contentment

“ There are more of us here, that our presence here will catch you off-guard” M.J said

“ Daddy, Mummy, you are here as well!” I heard precious saying to her Parents on seeing them

“ Precious, you made it here! I just bumped into your mother as well” Reverend said

“ Yes Dad!, but Dad where is this place and how did we get here? A lot of our church members are here!” Precious said as her mother, my boss kept looking around in awe and she kept muttering

“ No one ever told us how beautiful Heaven would be, they only told us gold streets, they did not talk about this unexplainable beauty, the colors never seen before…” She left her family and went further into the welcoming party….

“ I am suspecting this is heaven but I am not sure because this is not the picture I imagined about Heaven or people told us …. this looks like a new Kingdom in a new age.”

“ Does it mean we are dead?” I asked

“ Seems So because, I remember….

As usual, Reverend’s screen popped up….


Reverend was seated on the high table at Jane’s wedding reception, when Atinuke’s Husband, Soji walked towards Reverend and whispered to him…

“ Reverend Sir, we have an issue sir, Senator Alo just called your line….” Soji said

“ What is wrong?”

“ He has been summoned by the President to appear in Abuja immediately, so he wants his pilot to bring the jet to Abuja. He is going to board a public flight to Abuja, but he is not sure of his movement afterwards, so he needs his jet at his beck and call…” Soji told the already distraught looking Reverend

“ So?” Reverend said

“ I have made arrangements with Pastor Mathew Sir, you, Lady Joy and Precious will go in his Jeep back to Lagos… Sister Tinu will follow the bus she came with” Soji, the longest serving P.A Of Reverend said.

Reverend was obviously not happy with the turn of events, and Lady Joy used the moment to taunt him…

“ Well, I guess we will be taking the road back home afterall….” She said sarcastically…

“ Was that meant for me?” Reverend said between his teeth. He was faking his smile …

“I am sorry” Lady Joy quickly replied

“That will be your state when we get home.” Reverend said

Reverend beckoned on Soji who had stepped away from Reverend and his wife when he sensed trouble in paradise….

“ Make arrangements on how to get me out of here in the next 15 minutes” Reverend said to Soji.

Few minutes later, Reverend and his wife left the high table all smiles. The moment they got into the vehicle and the couple were alone, Reverend slapped Lady Joy very hotly…

“ But I told you I was sorry!” Lady Joy said

“ There is more when we get home, how dare you mock me, I will punish you physically and Spiritually, Nonsense!” Reverend said

Just then Precious and Pastor Mathew were approaching the vehicle, so the couple had to quickly pretend all was well….

Before the vehicle zoomed off, Reverend gave Soji one last instruction…

“ i don’t want the church to be empty tomorrow and the offering low, get the wedding reception to wrap up in 25 minutes and get all the church members to be on their way….”

“ Yes sir!” Loyal Soji said….


“ You hit mum again?” Precious said in surprise“You should be in hell Dad…Wife beaters are Wicked and Wickedness is a form of unrighteousness….” Precious burst out ….

“ He must have done a last minute reconciliation with the King for him to have made it here, just like I did…” MJ said to Reverend John.

“ I am happy you made it, M.J… we never knew you got saved!” I said to M.J

“ I did, I took the last bus of salvation like everyone of the Welcomers”

“ You mean every one of the welcomers are people who got saved at the last minute…”

“ Yes! Like me, S€xy Sasha and few of the top musicians who accepted Christ at the last minute before death….”

“S€xy Sasha gave her life to Christ before death?” I wondered silently

“Yes she did, you should ask her when you see her around!” M.J replied obviously hearing my inward thoughts

“ Well, better for you to be a welcomer in heaven than to Rot in hell” Reverend said with a bit of mockery in his voice. He was acting like he was more worthy of heaven than M.J

“ Absolutely!” M. J said

“ So What or where will be my place here?” Reverend asked with a sense of pride “ There should be a reserved place for General Overseers and great men of God?”

“ Yes!” M.J replied

“ Then please take me there…” Reverend said proudly

“ That’s not my duty, it’s the job of the allocation team” M. J said with all smiles as he floated off singing… I could hear his signature voice that made a lot of people go out of breath at his concerts all over the world…

“If this is Heaven, then it is a big surprise M.J is in heaven! What other wonders will I see in this Kingdom?” I wondered silently as I left Reverend and Precious.

“ You will discover soon…!” M.J replied me from a distance obviously hearing my inward thought about him again.