Part 23
©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

The Allocator reappeared back on the screen. It was obvious my screening was about to be continued , but I was shocked when the Allocator said…

“ I received an order to stop your screening exercise, but one of the Allocators should take you to your allocation so you can see what your allocation looks like”

I looked at Aunty Gold, who looked a bit surprised, she looked at me in a very funny way by giving a side smile…

“ Why?” I asked Aunty Gold

“ The King is a sovereign King… He does what pleases Him.., but what I can tell you is that you must be a special creature…” Aunty Gold said as she nudged me towards the Allocator who was already waiting for me…

I floated towards him and Aunty Gold did likewise…

“ I wonder what court I belong to” I said

“ You will find out soon…” He said

“ We need to take a chariot, your allocation is in Manasseh city…” The allocator said and like his words was a command, a chariot came flying towards us. Aunty Gold and I floated into it and sat in. Automatically, a seat belt locked us into the seat. The adventurous journey started, the chariot was as fast as wind… I couldn’t help but scream in excitement…

“ Heaven is sweet and Amazing…” I was hysterical in a good way, laughing and crying in Joy.

“ If I knew Heaven was this good, I won’t have committed one sin back on earth..” I said out loud…

“ The same thing I said when I got in here” Aunty Gold said and I looked around, I saw people from all over the world, different colours, smiling at me….

Out of me sprang words of worship, I didn’t intend it to be a song, it was meant to be an outburst, but then everyone joined in the singing…

It started like words of affirmation to what I said, but it gradually turned into a full bloom song…

 I never would have thought
That Heaven be sweet like this
Maybe if I did
Maybe if We did ( Everyone chorused)
Maybe if I did
Maybe if we did ( Everyone chorused)
I would have loved God more
We would have loved God more( Everyone Chorused) 

I feel like sugar
You feel like sugar ( Everyone Chorused)
I feel like honey
You feel like honey ( Everyone Chorused)
Or better than that
Or better than thatttttttttt

Heaven feels like Sugar
Heaven feels like Sugar( Everyone Chorused)
Heaven feels like Gold
Heaven feels like Gold( Everyone Chorused)
Or better than that
We think better than thatttttttt( Everyone Chorused)

The sound of the music was something I had never heard in my life, the uniformity of the voices was second to none, the clarity of notes, the pitch, the balance, and there was no conductor who was in charge of harmonizing us. We all just sang and it turned out beautiful…. It then made sense what we heard back on earth, about we all singing Halleluya in Heaven. I guess Someone caught the revelation of how beautiful music would be in Heaven that they assumed all we will be singing in Heaven will be Halleluya.

I think what they should have said is that we will be singing praises to God but in different ways and through different genres because, that single song I initiated was sang in different ways….

Some young guys I saw started singing it like Acapella. They were triplets that looked alike. They must have been around 16 years old when they died, ( because a screen popped out beside them showing the trio died during a car crash back in earth). They sang beautifully….

Another young lady picked up a saxophone and blew the tune of the song…

An elderly woman floated from her house with a floating magnificent piano… Her face was familiar….

“ World famous pianist, Valeria Muna….” Aunty Gold said to me… I remembered her back on earth, she was a mainstream pianist who won a lot of awards, but in her later years she was diagnosed with cancer. She gave her life to Christ and started a lot of charity work, she lived another 8 years before she died….How beautiful it felt , to realize she made heaven…

Tears dropped from my eyes, but they were tears of Joy… I saw her house, very beautiful. It looked like what you would call a smart house, the flowers there changed in colours as she played the piano… It was pure beauty…

The music we produced from my little outburst of expression, would win any music competition in the world. In fact winning a competition would be a ridicule, No earthly Judge could judge that kind of music wrongly …the music was awesome…

“ For Those Spiritually connected , this is where most gospel musicians get inspiration of songs… If they are connected, they will catch some of this kind of songs…” Aunty Gold said

And I wept at the volume of depth Christianity had which back there on earth, we never tapped into it….

Part 24
©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

After the beautiful music subsided and I exchanged pleasantries with the new people I had just met. The Allocator with a beautiful smile asked me to come along.

I waved to the new friends saying bye…

“ We don’t say bye here, we say “See you later” Aunty Gold said to me smiling…

As we went on in our chariot I saw different buildings. Some were built with very classy and sophisticated materials, while some buildings looked very cheap.

Instant understanding hit me… One’s works on earth will determine how one’s allocation will be in heaven…

A beautiful alarm rang….

“ What’s That?” I asked Aunty Gold

“ It’s time for dining with the Prince!” She replied

“ Do we dine with him like everyday?” I asked

“ Well, we have no night nor day here, but if it helps your understanding, we dine with Him every day…”

“ Ok, let’s get going…” I said

“ What Court does she belong to?” Aunty Gold asked the Allocator

“ Yours…” He replied with a smile

Aunty Gold was filled with joy, she hugged me tightly…

“ For a while back there with all your terrible acts that was revealed , I thought you would be part of the welcomers, but thank God, you made it well. You must have restituted your ways and lived righteously to have been allocated to my court.” I said

“ I believe this court must be a good one, with this great excitement you are showing me…”

“ See for your self..” Aunty Gold said as she pressed one of the buttons on the chariot to increase its speed to its destination.

We got to this magnificent hall like structure. Different people were assembling there. Friends greeting one another. I noticed the welcomers stayed in a place labeled “ OUTER COURT”. It was more like people hanging around, though they had everything available for them as well… They were joyful as well. I saw MJ again. He waved at me, as I walked along side Aunty Gold…

Suddenly, there came the grand entrance of the prince. Just like I had seen earlier, His throne was a part of Him. As he flew past the welcomers, I saw some of the welcomers ashamed of themselves… When I looked at those particular set, Aunty Gold knew what I was thinking…

“ Those are the people who the Trinity had risen up, but suddenly out of sin came crashing down but who by Mercy got here… The look of the Prince to them mostly means “ I expected much from you” , and Cassy that look is killing. Therefore, most welcomers feel ashamed of their poor choices.”

Aunty Gold pulled me and we entered the second Court, it was tagged “INNER COURT”. I saw a lot of believers I knew back on earth in this Inner Court. As the Prince passed through the court, he greeeted everyone by waving at them. He waited to say hi to most of them…

The table before them was pleasantly served.Amazing food and Drinks…

The Prince moved into the last court… It was tagged the INNERMOST Court…

The throne of the Prince moved towards the center of the Room.

Aunty Gold said..
“This is where we belong…” I looked around and I felt unworthy to stay in the court… I saw Fathers of Faith, mostly dressed in military uniform… I saw Women of Faith… I saw most of the Iconic figures I read in the scripture in that innermost Court…

“ The ones in the military uniform are those who fought valiantly for the gospel…” Aunty Gold said to me

“ This place is for the very spiritually deep ones, I don’t deserve to be here… “ I said in fear as I saw the young ladies who were there, were those who were diehard Christians… Their faces shone so brightly. There was no need for make up, because they looked very beautiful. They had no jewelries or hair extensions, yet their faces shone like gold..

I saw the way the Prince interacted with those in the INNERMOST court…

At some point, I heard them discussing about their cities. I wondered if there were cities in Vene-Ah Kingdom…

“ Yes, those in the INNERMOST court get to rule the cities in Vene-Ah….” Aunty Gold replied

“ Aunty Gold I don’t qualify to stay here among this people” I ran out of the innermost Court. I preferred the Inner court ….

Aunty Gold came out, followed by the Prince on His throne… He came looking for me…

“ Cassandra your place is inside with me, don’t you know what you have done for the Kingdom in the past 12 months has been great…” the Prince said

“ 12 months …!” I tried to reason what I had done in the past 12 months, but I didn’t need to do so, because as I looked into his fiery eyes I saw what it was I had been doing that earned me a place in the Innermost court of the Lord…