Part 15
©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

Ifeanyi was my church member, he was a multitalented youth in Reverend Asile’s Church. This made me pretty close to him.

When I was 16, Reverend Asile had become a popular pastor in the city, so he asked his sister to release me to him.

Through the help of Reverend Asile , I got admitted into the university, but I attended classes from Home. That made going to church a regular routine.

I was the head of the Choir, not because I was so good at singing, but because I was the best amongst the rest…

Ifeanyi was a member of the Choir, who had a crush on me. The feeling was mutual but I didn’t want to fan the flame, so I left the relationship on friendship level. After every ministration from me, he would hype me so much I would feel like I was the best musician in the world…

Tijesuni, a soft spoken lady joined the church and my Goodness, she was good. Her voice was beautiful, detailed and anointed. The Spirit of Envy took over me and Ifeanyi did not help matters…

“ This girl must be possessed, she has been sent to destabilize you… I really do not know why everyone thinks she is a good singer, for me I can see beyond her cover. She is a mermaid and you need to send her out of this church before she takes your place…” Ifeanyi had said

To buttress Ifeanyi’s point, the other choristers started having side talks about Tijesuni becoming the new head of Choir. They thought she had more to offer…

“ I told you that girl was possessed, She is a snake, you better send her out of this church “ Ifeanyi had said

“ How do I send her away from the Church… No one can send anyone out of the church” I said to him

“ Ok Fine! By the time she takes your place, Don’t come running to me in tears” Ifeanyi had said…

Just like a prophecy, Reverend Asile Who I was living with called me to his office after one sunday service…

“ Daughter, I think you need a break from heading the Choir, so you can concentrate on your studies, I am led to tell Tijesuni to help you with that. You know she is presently waiting for the National Youth Service list to be out, so she has enough time on her hands. “ It felt like Reverend Asile threw an arrow right at my heart….

Ifeanyi would not stop laughing when I told him what Reverend Asile had said. I felt betrayed, I was the unofficial housemaid at the Asile’s house. I was the one who bathed Precious, cooked their meals and also the unofficial P.A of Lady Joy. The only place of honour I had was about to be taken from me. I felt like my robe of many colors had been taken from me.

“ Are you ready to listen to me?” Ifeanyi said to me as I sat dumbstruck at the church Gallery. I was staring at Tijesuni who was rehearsing a song with another lady.

“ Now I know she must be possessed, how can I get her out of this church?” I said with all bitterness in me while thinking I was righteous.


Part 16
©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

I walked up to Tijesuni after her duet rehearsal with Gbemi. On seeing me, she started smiling but her smile disappeared the moment she got the cue we were not on the same page….

“ Sister Cassy, is everything alright?” She asked with a concern look

“No.. everything is wrong! You are wrong, you are demonic and you are on an assignment to pull down Reverend Asile. God has revealed your plan to me and I will not spare you!” I said

“ Sister Cassy Christie Atoba!” She said calling my middle name… I was shocked as to how she knew my middle name, only Reverend Asile and his family called me that at home.

“ How did you know my other name?” I asked

“ God told me! I have the prophetic gift and God told me, you will be a great tool in his hand…” Tijesuni said

“ The devil you mean! Shut up! You can fool everyone but me nooo…. I advise you to gently leave this church before you are disgraced out! “ I hissed and walked out of the church…We never saw or heard from Tijesuni again , she left the church for good….


I Stood in self condemnation when it got to that point, but It was far from over for me. The screen kept on following Tijesuni. It felt like I was watching a home video…

Tijesuni was weeping profusely in a room. She was lying on the bare cold floor…

“ Why is it that everywhere I turn to, I am always rejected, Why? Why do people say I am possessed… Is it a crime to be talented?… This is the fifth church in 3 years… and whenever I made up my mind not to join any service unit, I would see you chastising me in my dream… What is it God!? Why do people hate me everywhere I go, this hatred follows me, I have no sister , no brother to share my pains with and you know I cannot share with mum and Dad, it will worry them to death..” Tijesuni said and she did the strangest thing ever… I screamed no, when I saw her taking a liquid insecticide and gulping the content of the miniature bottle in one gulp.

In few seconds, she was on the floor, twisting and turning until she gave up the ghost…

“ You mean Tijesuni died that day!” I asked myself in shock…

Almost immediately the screen brought a humiliating scene up for me, the screen was split in half , one part of the screen showed Tijesuni groaning in pain before her death while the other side showed Ifeanyi and I celebrating Tijesuni’s departure from our church..,

“ I can assure you she is never coming back to our church, with the way you gave it to her hot, she will know you have seen beyond her cover” Ifeanyi said

“ Do you think so?” I asked

“ Gbemi told me that after you blasted her, she had walked to the choir room and picked all her belongings telling her she wasn’t needed here again!” Ifeanyi said

“ Are you serious?” I said with full blown happiness…


I felt like the screen should develop a technical fault because the other scenes it was revealing were shocking and heart wrenching to me… These were scenes about things my actions had caused.

The moment Tijesuni’s parents heard about her suicide, the father had an immediate shock that led to stroke. Her mother also lost it, she became mentally ill as Tijesuni was the only child they had after waiting for 25 years…

They were made barren in their old age…

By who? By me because…..