Late Deborah’s family cry out 11 months after, narrates ordeal with OPM Pastor.

The family of the late Deborah Samuel has cried out that they are in dire need of assistance as things are not rosy for them in Port Harcourt.

Recall that in May 2022, OPM’s pastor, Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere had promised to relocate the family to Port Harcourt after their daughter, the late Deborah Samuel, was lynched by her schoolmates on May 12, 2022.

In a Facebook post that blew up 11 months ago, Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere of Omega Power Ministries (OPM) offered them a new life.

He offered to place them in one of OPM’s free estates where they won’t have to pay rent forever, among other things he promised.

“I just watched a video clip where the parents of Deborah Samuel said they will not be sending there children to school again. GOD FORBID.

Anyone with there contacts should inform them immediately that I Apostle chibuzor chinyere the general overseas of OPM Church is relocating them to port harcourt

“They would be staying in one of the OPM free estates were they will never pay rent forever. “All there children are given automatic scholarship in OPM Free schools.

“I will get the father a job and I also open a shop for the mother.

“Please get in touch with them immediately.

“God bless you. “Pls, continue to share until it get to them,” the post made on May 15, 2022 reads.

Late Deborah’s family do not live in a free apartment as OPM promised

However, Foundation for Investigative Journalism (FIJ) recently visited Deborah’s family in PH and found out that the reverse was somewhat the case.

In a detailed report, FIJ spoke with Deborah’s parents and learnt that the apartment was not free of charge. “From time to time, the OPM leader used to call to check on us.

He paid the rent. Right now, the rent for this apartment has expired. The landlord has told us to renew the rent or leave.

“All the appliances and the equipment in this apartment belong to OPM, we don’t own it,” late Deborah’s dad said

FIJ also learnt that OPM paid for a year’s rent and that their rent expired in May 2023.

A popular platform, learnt the landlord was harassing Deborah’s family for rent renewal and not OPM.

Car not new, husband jobless

As regards, the new car that was promised, FIJ found out it was a second car that had seen better years and was now abandoned due to faults.

Deborah’s dad, Emmanuel said: “The first time we got here, OPM got me a car.

It was a Toyota Corolla but it wasn’t new. It was a fairly used vehicle and the car has developed some faults.

“I was using it as a taxi before but it has some challenges and I have parked it. The first time OPM brought us to Port Harcourt they brought food items to us. After that first time, we have been struggling on our own.

“Right from the day OPM gave me this car, the car has been developing faults. On the first day I tried to take my children to school the car broke down on its way back. We towed the car back.”

They sent two of their kids back to the village

The man cried out that he is in need of a job as they had to let two of their oldest children return to their villages so they can cater for the remaining four kids.

While Mr Emmanuel’s four kids attend OPM Free School, his wife, FIJ confirmed that his wife, Alheri’s shop handed to her by OPM was empty.

The family further lamented that they have been left alone.

“I really wanted to return to Niger State because there is no support here. It isn’t about money, no member of OPM comes here to pay us a visit.

Since we’ve been in Port Harcourt, none of OPM’s members cared enough to visit us here.

While we were in Niger we were surrounded by loved ones and Christians from different churches

“We just leave everything in the hands of God. I thank everyone who has tried to help us…,” Alheri, late Deborah’s mum said.