Landlady reportedly locks tenant’s room over ₦1500 NEPA bill 4 days after she moved in

A Nigerian woman has appealed for help when her landlord locked her room just days after she moved into the property because of an unpaid 1,500 NEPA payment.

In a recently released video, the young woman greets her landlady and moves in closer.

The landlord, though, seems unimpressed by the greeting.

The tenant asks why her room is locked anyway, unfazed by the answer. In response, the landlord says that unless the tenant pays the 1,500 naira electricity payment, she won’t release the room.

Despite the tenant’s response that she hasn’t even started using electricity because her connection hasn’t been established, the landlady insists on the payment because she fears that the tenant will object once the connection is active.

The landlady maintains her ownership of the property and her control despite the tenant’s protests.

Until the 1,500 NEPA bill is paid, the landlord orders the tenant to find alternate housing either outside or somewhere else.

Concerned viewers have shared their opinions in the comment area in response to the landlady’s conduct in the video.

See some reactions and video below:

nnenna_blinks_: “1500 Naira ? The woman even get pepper body. Asking why is she greeting her twice when she greeted her before. Ahh poverty anywhere you Dey walahi e no go better for you.

Truly people are going through it and they only have themselves to depend on. Not to talk of how things are hard now in this country. Make we Dey pray to jam good pipo. We know say I beg no Dey help but have little empathy.”

veevogee: “If you can afford 2-3 square meals and live in a comfortable apartment, you don’t know what God has done for you. Some situations make me weep. Lord I’m grateful.”

og_zarus: “Sound like skit so people go begin Dey ask for aza to help. The so called land lady is reading a script. No cursing , no gra gra. Person wey lock your door ooo.”

marrzofficial: “People wey Dey in higher position. Wey Dey abuse their power. I pity you, it hardly happens but the day wey your life go turn upside down. E go shock you. Stop oppressing people simply because you happen to be in a higher position.”

official_lady_poshmama_: “The yeye landlord is just doing anyhow bcos the girls are young girls, on top 1500, na to remove the damn padlock make she do her worst . Chei this country sha.”