Lady visits boyfriend’s house, shares shocking before and after look.

A young Nigerian lady causes a stir as she unveils the aftermath of her appearance after a visit to her boyfriend’s house looking all beautiful.

A video making the rounds on social media captured the batt€red face of a lady at the hands of her abvsive boyfriend.

Taking to social media to share the video, she emphasized avoiding dr¥g use while stating how he almost b€at life out of her.

The video has since raised concerns from netizens who advised ladies to know when to exit a relationship, especially a t©xic one.

Reactions trailing lady ‘s look after visit to boyfriend’s house

rachelwithlove_ said: “Low key most African/black women prefer toxic men..: if this one sees a calm and loving man she would tag him as boring… once you know this your stop advocating for these small girls in toxic relationships”

thefoodnetworknig2 noted: “You visited a rabies infected dog aka digbolugi… Def not a norma human 😱”

fekomi penned: “Those of us who are not violent , we don’t know what God has done for us honestly.”

epiphany_flames wrote: “The energy you used to put this video together, use it to leave that relationship NOW!”

jeffworldwide_ penned: “Abi you dey date wolverine ni abi vampire klaus cause wetin be this”

officialbeibey said: “Dear African Mothers, Teach the girl child self esteem not only how to wash plate. Thank you.”

Watch the video below …