Lady stuns netizens with her pregnancy transformation (Video).

Netizens have been in a state of shock as a pregnant woman reveals her incredible transformation.

The woman shared a video documentary of her body transformation before and during pregnancy on her TikTok profile.

Her beautiful appearance and normal-appearing facial features are captured in the first scenes; later scenes, however, present her in a completely different light.

Her lips and skin tone had completely changed from what they had been, and her nose had shockingly grown astoundingly large.

Reacting, @phatgoochierairai said: “Jesus Christ of Nazareth!!!” @nataliee913 commented:

The real question is… DOES IT GO BACK TO NORMAL?!”

@curvyshaz commented: “Why is it ALWAYSSS. the nose?! I never understand.”

@stuckup.yaa wrote: “Does it go back to normal after the baby?”

Watch the video below: