Lady kneels before Moses Bliss, cries as she meets him in UK, video raises eyebrows (Video)

Lady kneels before Moses Bliss, cries as she meets him in UK, video raises eyebrows (Video)


Netizens on social media have responded to a woman’s tearful scream after she saw Moses Bliss for the first time in the UK.

The heartwarming fan-star encounter was documented in a video that was shared on Instagram, though it wasn’t made apparent if it took place before or after actress Ekene Umenwa’s wedding.

Moses and Umenwa have faced criticism due to the actress’s response to his unexpected presence at her wedding. Prominent Nigerians and celebrities, such as well-known broadcaster Frank Edoho, had criticized the artist.

She gave Moses Bliss customised clothes In the emerging clip, the starstruck lady went on her knees to greet Moses and presented him with customised clothes she got him.

The lady struggled to fight back tears from her eyes as she hugged him and tried to take pictures with him. Afterwards, she knelt down as Moses held her hands in prayers. Watch the video below:

Netizens react to the video

ngoo_nikky “Hat&ers what do you have to say now ..May I jam pastor David ibieyomi one day, I go roll for floor that that…yeye de smell.”

imageabidemi said: “That song You are too faithful to fail me brought me miracles. There are some songs that are not just songs, they are prayers. I am not the type to kneel for people but if these people are those who love to kneel in appreciation like some tribes do, please let them be. Some people can kneel for any and everyone, that’s their own upbringing especially my tribe people.”

loper_closet said: “I think God just want to make him popular so more souls will be arrested , I wonder why the hate?” 

houseofambers_makeover said: I will not put mouth in this matter but one thing I know is when God’s anointing and grace is upon your head, people will begin to look at you and behave with you In another level.”

ogeisagoodgirl said: “Please who is this man that’s got women kneeling for him left right center abeg ooh Please what’s one of his songs let me go and listen.” 

matilda_inspired said: “This man music helped me through grief and depression, the day I will meet him,PST.Iren,Nat.Bassey, Mercy Chinwo, and Dunsin Oyekan …I will give them a very big hug and cry on their shoulders…..” 

cakecrestbyibk said: “You see that his song, “Daddy wey dey pamper that song gives me chills and I cry whenever I listen to it because I remember how God has always remained faithful to me despite my unfaithfulness….”

beautifulphoenix4rmdashes said: “So people kneel to acknowledge a gospel artiste una dey vex! However, it is okay to throw your bras on stage for a secular celebrity.”

See video clip below