Lady inserts her pregnancy test stick in her man’s food to announce she’s pregnant (video).

A creative pregnancy announcement took an unexpected turn as a man accidentally ate a pregnancy test stick concealed within his food.

The video has since circulated on social media platforms.

The video, filmed by friends of the couple who were in on the unconventional plot, begins with the pregnant lady, whose identity remains undisclosed, preparing a special snack for her partner.

Unbeknownst to him, the pregnancy test stick was cunningly concealed within the dish.

The footage captures the atmosphere of suspense and excitement as the couple’s friends gathered around, eagerly awaiting the unsuspecting father-to-be’s reaction.

With their smartphones at the ready to document the momentous occasion, they couldn’t contain their anticipation.

As the man dug into his snack, he initially seemed oblivious to the unusual crunch beneath his teeth.

The tension in the room escalated as his friends exchanged knowing glances, barely able to contain their laughter.

It was only after several bites that he finally discovered the hidden pregnancy test stick.

The man’s reaction, which ranged from disbelief to sheer astonishment, elicited laughter and cheers from those present.

See below;