Lady agrees to do runs for N150k only to reach hotel and see that it’s her fiancé (Video).

A Nigerian man put his fiance through a loyalty test to determine if she would make the ideal spouse, but she failed horribly.

The woman was asked if she would consent to perform a hookup with a male in exchange for receiving N150,000 after providing services, and she said yes.

She was invited to a hotel by the woman who presented the idea to her in order to meet the customer, but when she arrived, she learned that the client was actually her fiancé.

Online videos capture the moment both women entered the hotel room and discovered the man on the bed.

He reportedly lives abroad and surprised her by flying to Nigeria to perform the traditional marriage, but he afterwards changed his mind and chose to put her to the test for the last time.

Unfortunately for the girl, her man’s heart was broken when he learned that she was a hook up girl.

When he confronted her about accepting N150k to be with another man, she was so shaken up and terrified that she was unable to speak.

He claimed to have previously spent over N10 million on her and questioned why she decided to devalue herself. The man abruptly chose to break up with his fiancée after expressing his deepest dissatisfaction in her.

Watch the video below: